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Same Day Registration in Hawaii

Hawaii’s House Bill 2590, which was introduced by Maui representative Kaniela Ing, was signed by Governor Neil Abercrombie today. HB2590 establishes voter registration at absentee polling places beginning in 2016, and adds voter registration at precinct polling places on Election Day, beginning in 2018.

“Nearly 7 Million Americans Are Registered to Vote in More than One State”

Link to Daily Signal:

Some 6.9 million Americans are registered to vote in two or more states, according to a report from an election-watch group.

“Our nation’s voter rolls are a mess,” says Catherine Engelbrecht, True The Vote president. “Sensible approaches to roll maintenance are fought tooth and nail by radical special interests who can use the duplicity in the system to their advantage.”

The latest interstate voter cross check tallied 6,951,484 overlapping voter registrations, and they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

Authors of ‘Obama’s Enforcer': “Holder has led unprecedented attack on election integrity and made it easier to commit voter fraud”

Hans von Spakovsky and John Fund make the case in their new book “Obama’s Enforcer: Eric Holder’s Justice Department” that Holder is the most activist and racial Attorney General in American history. Excerpt:

Holder has racialized the prosecution of federal discrimination laws and led an unprecedented attack on election integrity laws, thus making it easier for people  to commit voter fraud and facilitating the election of members of his own political party.

Federal panel allows civil rights groups to sue Texas over “court approved interim maps” for dilution and discrimination

The Texas Legislature cannot catch a break.  A three judge panel out of San Antonio ruled on a motion to dismiss the “never ending” redistricting litigation; allowing a lawsuit to continue against the 2013 redistricting maps approved by the Texas Legislature that were, in fact, identical to court-approved interim maps.  Those interim maps were developed after guidance from the Supreme Court, input from the parties of lawsuit and approved by the court itself.  Yet the court will now allow the plaintiff’s to continue to challenge those court-approved maps on dilution and discrimination grounds. The court is allowing the civil rights groups to make the argument and gather evidence that Texas legislators may have been discriminating against minority groups when they simply voted to adopt court-approved maps.  To get any justice, Texas will need to appeal each and every ruling of this panel.

Court excerpt:
With regard to those elements of the 2011 plans that remained unchanged and remained challenged in the interim plans, when the Legislature adopted the Court’s interim plans it engaged in the same conduct or incorporated the identical portions of the 2011 plans alleged to be illegal into the 2013 plans. In addition, the Task Force Plaintiffs complain that the Legislature engaged in similar vote dilution conduct with regard to HD 90 in the 2013 session. Thus, there is evidence that the Legislature has already engaged in both identical and substantially similar conduct, making this case more like Aladdin’s Castle and Associated General Contractors. The fact that the State asserts that it believed the interim maps to be free from legal defect when it enacted them in 2013 goes to the merits of the controversy, not to whether a controversy remains to be decided. 

“Liberals Mourn Cantor Defeat”

Fund at National Review:

“ontrary to conventional wisdom, many liberals privately mourn the departure of Eric Cantor from the ranks of the House GOP leadership. At a symposium on Wednesday sponsored by The Hill newspaper on “Voting in America,” several of the attendees told me that they and Majority Leader Cantor were within striking distance of a compromise to restore many of the provisions of the 1965 Voting Rights Act that were struck down by the Supreme Court last year as unconstitutional. The Court ruled that certain provisions that singled out certain states and jurisdictions for special oversight based on 50-year-old data were obsolete and could no longer be justified. Liberal civil-rights groups were furious and vowed to pass a “restoration” bill restoring all of the Justice Department’s power over federal elections. . . .

Representative Cantor has been strangely silent on the Voting Rights Amendment Act since it was introduced in January with the support of 80 liberal groups along with renegade GOP Representative Jim Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin, who recently demonstrated in a James O’Keefe “sting” video just how little he understands his own bill.”

Obama’s Enforcer Sales Widget

I’ve added a sales widget over on the left side of the page to track the sales of the new John Fund / Hans von Spakovksy book Obama’s Enforcer which releases today.  The pair were on Fox and Friends this morning and the book will be featured tonight on the Sean Hannity show on Fox.  The book covers election law and malfeasance by DOJ Voting Section employees.  Look for it in the bestseller listing over the next few weeks.  My review of the book is here.

Four other election related books have been tracked by the sales widget for the last few years. 

“Christie Breaks RGA Fundraising Record by $25 Million”

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, on the stump for fellow GOP executives as head of the Republican Governors Association, has reportedly raised $50 million since taking over as chairman, breaking a previous six-month record by $25 million.  Christie took over the RGA following the 2013 election, and the political organization now has “nearly $70 million cash on hand… nearly double the cash on hand figure the RGA had at this point in 2010,” an RGA official told CNN.