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“Hillary Clinton needs faux war on voting rights”

Story at Commentary Magazine

Why then are Democrats hyping a non-existent crisis? The same reason they sought to create the impression that Republicans were waging a non-existent “war on women” in 2012 and 2014. Creating the impression that African-Americans are being targeted by Republicans is the only way she can be sure that this most Democratic of demographic groups will turn out in the numbers she needs to win next year, even though Obama will no longer be on the ballot. If doing so means cloaking herself in the mantle of Rosa Parks and making wild, unsubstantiated claims about blacks being deprived of the right to vote, then so be it. But whether or not this faux “war on voting” works, and it might, let no one misunderstand her purpose. This is about politics and manipulating the fears of African-Americans, not a genuine threat to their rights or those of any other voting group.

“Hillary’s Divisive, Reckless Rhetoric on Voting Rights”

National Review Online:  Then last week, Hillary Clinton demanded that the federal government override state laws and automatically register everyone to vote and then offer at least 20 days of early voting, turning Election Day into an Election Month. Both would dramatically complicate the job of already-overburdened voter registrars and make it harder to catch potential fraud. In the case of New York v. United States (1992) and other cases, the Supreme Court has clearly ruled that it is beyond Congress’s power to do what Hillary wants.

Jumping the Shark: Two of Three Democratic FEC Commissioners petition own agency to engage in rule-making

The Democratic Chairwoman Ann Ravel and Commissioner Ellen Weintraub have “jumped the shark” with their first-ever petition to ….themselves (the Federal Election Commission) to engage in rulemaking a number of different issues.

CNN has the embarrassing headline:  FEC Chairwoman Petitions Her Own Agency.

Interesting that the two Democrats are so far out there that the third Democratic Commissioner did not even sign the petition and has left them to jump in the lake all by themselves.  If this was a television show, it would be cancelled.

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John Kasich blasts Clinton on “voting demagoguery”

“First of all, I think it’s demagoguery, and secondly, if she wants to sue somebody, let her sue New York,” Mr. Kasich, who is weighing a run for president in 2016, said on Fox News. “In Ohio, we got like 27 days of early voting, OK? Twenty-seven days, a couple hundred hours, and in New York, the only early voting — there is none. The only voting that occurs is on election day — what is she talking about?  Washington Times


GOP Governor Christie: Clinton wants opportunity to “commit greater acts of fraud”

Republicans struck back Friday against Hillary Rodham Clinton’s suggestions that they have attempted to disenfranchise voters systematically. They accused the Democratic presidential front-runner of running a divisive campaign and favoring lax controls on voting.   New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a potential GOP presidential candidate, said in Concord, New Hampshire, that Clinton didn’t know “the first thing about voting rights in New Jersey,” and simply wanted to have an opportunity to “commit greater acts of voter fraud” around the nation.


Ohio Governor Kasich says Clinton is dividing America on voting issues

The Kansas City StarAnother potential Republican rival, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, told Fox News that Clinton was “dividing America” and overlooking the fact that Ohio has 28 days of early voting while her home state of New York doesn’t have any. Ohio had 35 days of early voting until he signed a law last year lopping off a week.  “What is she talking about?” Kasich asked. “Don’t be running around the country dividing America.”

Clinton attacks Ohio for 28 early voting days while New York and Democratic leaning states have zero early voting days.  Take the plank out of your eye.

Hillary Clinton calls for nationwide mandate of early voting that will result in new taxes and won’t increase turnout

ABC News reports that Hillary Clinton wants to impose early voting mandates on every state for 20 days.   Such a significant change nationwide would require new funding and new voting equipment in many states, thus requiring taxes or an unfunded mandate on the states.   Early voting has not increased voter turnout.  Interesting how New York or Pennsylvania and primarily Northeastern states have no early voting.  Apparently her influence does not reach very far.