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J. Christian Adams: This DOJ ‘Won’t Prosecute Voter Fraud Because It Helps Them Win Elections, Period’

‘They know about voter fraud and do nothing about it.’


J. Christian Adams on Fox News today:

“It’s a federal felony to give or accept something of value in exchange for a vote. But what do federal felonies matter anymore? It doesn’t matter because the Justice Department won’t prosecute it. They know about other federal felonies. They know about alien voting. They know about double voting. We’ve sent them names of people. They simply won’t prosecute voter fraud because it helps them win elections, period.”

Party Time at Justice: Celebrating Affecting the Election

Leftists at the highly-politicized Justice Department celebrate helping elections go their way on taxpayers’ dime:

When the Obama Justice Department learned that it had killed off election integrity laws in North Carolina and Texas, political leadership decided it was time for a party… It was time for the leftist lawyers at the Justice Department to celebrate…


[Deputy Assistant Attorney General Justin] Levitt thanked everyone for their hard work, and what it would mean on November 8.  What you did “would have a great effect on the election.”  Effect indeed.  It wasn’t a speech about enforcing federal law neutrally, it was about affecting the election in North Carolina and Texas.

What else is the Justice Department Voting Section spending taxpayer money on besides fighting election laws Democrats don’t like and pizza parties? High-paid left-wing lawyers who “spend days idling, doing nothing, while their managers hide behind closed doors.”

The Obama Voting Section hasn’t initiated and brought a single case under Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act to fight discriminatory voting districts, even thought the NAACP has found and won meritorious cases.   These were cases the DOJ could have brought and won, but didn’t.  The Section hasn’t brought a single minority language case to help Spanish speaking voters since 2012 and has entirely shut down enforcement of the law requiring clean voter rolls.  But who needs clean voter rolls when you can have a pizza party instead?

“Grassley Presses for Answers on Obama Administration Impeding Independent Voting Agency”

“Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley is asking questions about the Justice Department’s refusal to defend the actions of the Election Assistance Commission, an independent federal agency without litigation authority, despite the law requiring the department to represent the commission in court.”  The Justice Department’s “unprecedented action” could result in non-citizens being allowed to register and vote.


Grassley wrote in a letter to the EAC and the Attorney General, “The Committee must evaluate the situation and determine whether the EAC (Election Assistance Commission) needs independent litigation authority in order to truly be free from political influence from the administration.  This case involves the integrity of elections and is taking place in the context of an ongoing Presidential election process.  The potential appearance that the administration is substituting its judgment for the EAC’s is a matter of significant concern.”

“Noncitizen Voting Case Pits Justice Department Against States That Require Proof of Citizenship”


“The free-for-all boxing match among the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC), the League of Women Voters, the NAACP, Kansas, and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)” over the right of states to require proof of citizenship from people using the federal voter registration form was back in federal court for another hearing on March 9.


Judge Richard Leon presided over a sometimes contentious hearing on the plaintiffs’ request for a preliminary injunction that would rescind the Election Assistance Commission’s change of the instructions on the federal voter registration form to accommodate a request by Kansas. The Sunflower State wants the form to note that Kansans wishing to register must meet a proof of citizenship requirement.


The interveners again presented solid arguments; the plaintiffs and their allies at the DOJ once again did not:


Following on the DOJ’s “potentially unethical and unprofessional behavior in refusing to carry out its duty to defend” the EAC, “the Federal Programs Branch came into this week’s hearing once again trying to lose the case.  The Justice Department’s lawyer told Leon that it was willing to agree to a preliminary injunction.”  At a previous hearing, Judge Leon called this behavior by the DOJ “unprecedented” and “extraordinary.”


Over the objections of the DOJ and plaintiffs, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, intervening to defend the EAC, deposed EAC Commissioner Christy McCormick. “The Department of Justice was so concerned over McCormick’s testimony and the internal communications between DOJ and the EAC produced for the deposition that it asked Leon for a protective order sealing the deposition… the Justice Department’s attempt to keep them from coming to light suggests that the conflict of interest mentioned in McCormick’s letters may be very serious, indeed.”


Judge Leon asked the “struggling” DOJ lawyer Galen Thorp “if he could name ‘any statute or any case precedent, Supreme Court on down, that a Commission created by Congress doesn’t have the authority to invoke or waive attorney-client privilege[.]’ The lawyer could not…”


Plaintiffs’ lawyer Michael Keats “gave an often rambling, disjointed presentation. Just as at the last hearing, he did not seem to have an in-depth knowledge of the facts or applicable election law” and “made the type of mistake one would expect from a less experienced attorney. Twice he jumped to his feet trying to object to Kobach’s oral argument.”


Judge Leon allowed an additional 10 days for all sides to file supplemental briefs.

UPDATE: Extraordinary Beat-Down for DOJ in Non-Citizen Voting Case

The U.S. Justice Department has a serious conflict of interest in a lawsuit pitting the institutional Left, led by the League of Women Voters, against the Election Assistance Commission’s support for states wanting to prevent non-citizen voting by requiring proof of citizenship. That conflict was on “extraordinary” and “unprecedented” display as the DOJ not only failed to defend the EAC in court, but sided with the plaintiffs – and was thoroughly rebuked by the judge for its actions:


The judge opened the hearing by reading into the record an astonishing letter he had just received from the chair of the EAC, Christie McCormick. It informed the court that DOJ had told the EAC that it would not defend the agency, and that it would not allow the EAC to hire its own counsel. McCormick informed the judge that she believed DOJ was not fulfilling its duty and obligation to defend the EAC and had a potential conflict of interest.


It was clear that Judge Leon was shocked at what DOJ had done. While he gave the plaintiffs 20 minutes to argue their case, he gave the lawyer from the Federal Programs Branch of DOJ only five minutes because he said that DOJ was obviously on the same side as the plaintiffs. He also said almost immediately that he would not grant a PI without a complete briefing and arguments on the case — despite DOJ wanting to consent to the PI. Judge Leon made clear that there was “no chance at all — zero” that he would do what the plaintiffs and the Justice Department wanted him to do on that issue.


There’s more. Truly extraordinary.

How the Obama Administration Is Enabling Non-Citizen Voting, and the DOJ’s Conflict of Interest

“Several well-funded organizations — including the League of Women Voters and the NAACP — are fighting efforts to prevent non-citizens from voting illegally in the upcoming presidential election.”  And the U.S. Department of Justice is helping them.


In their lawsuit against the Election Assistance Commission, members of “the institutional Left — including the League of Women Voters, People for the American Way, Common Cause, Project Vote, and Chicanos for La Causa —” are continuing a pattern of both objecting to any efforts to make elections more secure and working to centralize power over elections in the federal government.


Under Article I, Section 2 and the Seventeenth Amendment to the Constitution, states have the power to set the “Qualification requisite for electors.” As with many issues, the Left disdains the balance the Framers adopted in the Constitution and objects to this delegation of power to the states. They prefer to see power over elector eligibility centralized in Washington, D.C.


To that end, they are suing the EAC over adding state-specific instructions to the federal voter registration form for states that require proof of citizenship. But Hans von Spakovsky spells out the bigger issue here: the hyper-partisan Justice Department’s conflict of interest.


Allowing lawyers for the highly partisan Voting Section to write agency policy obliterates all semblance of independence and bipartisan balance. 


The Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division has become one of the most controversial and ideological components in the entire U.S. government… If these allegations are true (and based on the history of the Voting Rights Section during this administration, they may well be), then the Eric Holder–run Justice Department was actively engaged in blocking an independent bipartisan federal agency from allowing a state to verify that only citizens are registering to vote.


Now that same justice Department is tasked with defending the EAC in court for supporting a policy that Justice actively worked to block.  The first hearing is set for today, February 22.