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Why the Left is trying to destabilize the Electoral College process

J. Christian Adams talks about what’s behind the Left’s well-funded efforts to destabilize the Electoral College, death threats against presidential electors, and why Obama’s Justice Department is ignoring them:

You can’t pick up the phone and make death threats via interstate communications. And why it is that this is even complicated and why it is the FBI hasn’t visited these electors to collect evidence, well we all know the answer: they were going to vote for Trump. . . .


What an amazing slap against our Constitution… You don’t threaten to kill presidential electors in the United States of America.

Yet the institutional Left is working to legitimize those threats, as well as the larger organized effort to destabilize the Electoral College process. The National Popular Vote movement is part of the Leftist-progressive network that is heavily funded by the Soros world and reinforced by radicals within the Obama Justice Department and by the Democrat Media Complex. Why? Because it helps Democrats win.

These people have been agitating against the Electoral College for a long time. There’s millions of dollars flowing into dismantling the Constitution, including the Electoral College. These people have been in the field fighting and this gave them the perfect opportunity to a) unleash mobs of violent idiots to threaten people, and b) delegitimize the Electoral College process. . . . The Left hates the Electoral College. It takes power away from urban centers. . . .


President Obama wants urban centers where elections are not monitored by both sides – remember, when you go to a place like Los Angeles or San Francisco, there aren’t a lot of Republican poll watchers there – he wants these places to decide who the president is, because those urban centers will open up the spigots the whole way. It’s chaos in some of these places, with terrible voter fraud. . . .


The founders thought differently. They wanted the President to appeal to a broad cross-section of America. You can’t win if you appeal only to the urban centers under the Electoral College. And that’s exactly why the founders wanted it. It’s a unifying force for America. It makes it so everybody gets a say and not just the cities with 20 million people.

Listen to Adams’ entire discussion with Jon-David Wells guest-hosting The Mark Davis Show here (starts at the 19:30 mark).

DOJ-FBI Fails to Investigate Crimes Against the Electoral College

In its latest perversion of the rule of law, Obama’s Justice Department has failed to act in response to death threats against presidential electors voting for Donald Trump.


Such threats are federal felonies.


But intimidation of electors wasn’t “some quirky event confined to 2016. The threats were the product of a larger effort to destabilize the Electoral College and the constitutional order that created it. . . . The foes of the Electoral College wanted chaos, and the death threats were the result of that effort.”

So why didn’t the Department of Justice and the FBI do anything about threats to the Electoral College? By now, dear readers, after eight years of this lawless rot, you don’t need J. Christian Adams to answer the question. You already understand that this Justice Department only reacts to the ideological narrative of the extreme Left.

As Adams said on Fox News:

Remember Ferguson? Remember what happened after that police officer used legitimate deadly force? You had a president and attorney general grandstanding about a lie. And now you have real threats to the system, to the Constitutional order, by threats to electors, and they are deadly silent. It shows you what these people are really about, and good riddance to them on January 20.

Elector intimidation is “political terrorism”

Should the DOJ investigate threats against electors?


Yes, says J. Christian Adams on Fox & Friends. Intimidation of electors is a federal crime and “political terrorism. Multiple federal statutes do not allow you to give death threats to electors. But understand this is a larger effort to destabilize the system, destabilize the electoral college.”


This DOJ won’t act, though, because the intimidation victims are on the wrong political side. “That’s how this Justice Department plays. If you are against them, they don’t help you.”


That can and should change under a new administration that respects the rule of law and an Attorney General willing to push back against the Left’s threats to the constitutional order.


“The system has to be preserved. You must have a system where people can vote according to the rule of law, not according to the chaos that the Left wants to impose on America.”

Another defense of the electoral college

Why the electoral college shouldn’t be eliminated as “a useless relic of 18th century white, gentry privilege:” Because it’s no such thing.

The genius of the Constitutional Convention was its ability to entice the American states into a “more perfect union.” But it was still a union of states, and we probably wouldn’t have had a constitution or a country at all unless the route we took was federalism.


The electoral college was an integral part of that federal plan. It made a place for the states as well as the people in electing the president by giving them a say at different points in a federal process and preventing big-city populations from dominating the election of a president…


Abolishing the electoral college now might satisfy an irritated yearning for direct democracy, but it would also mean dismantling federalism…


The electoral college has been a major, even if poorly comprehended, mechanism for stability in a democracy, something which democracies are sometimes too flighty to appreciate. It may appear inefficient. But the Founders were not interested in efficiency; they were interested in securing “the blessings of liberty.”

Why America Needs the Electoral College

Enough with the Left’s ill-informed, wrongheaded, and in some cases intentionally incendiary arguments for eliminating the Electoral College in favor of a national popular vote.


The Electoral College is designed to fulfill specific, vital needs:

As designed in the Constitution, America’s presidential election is very much a product of the states—channeling the principle of “federalism” that the Founders cherished…


The Electoral College system was designed to ensure that presidents would have to receive support from a diverse array of people around the country…


Though the rules of the institution may seem strange, it is a carefully designed system conceived by the framers of the Constitution, and its opponents would do well to reflect on the reasons it was created before calling for its destruction.

Cynical opponents may already have reflected and seen another reason that destroying the Electoral College could benefit them. As expert Tara Ross explains in the PragerU video “Do You Understand the Electoral College?“:

The Electoral College also makes it harder to steal elections… without the Electoral College, any vote stolen in any precinct in the country could affect the national outcome, even if that vote was easily stolen in the bluest California precinct or the reddest Texas one.