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“The High Court Declines to Stay Ohio Early Voting and Same-Day Registration Case”

Bad news for the Ohio Democratic party:

On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a one-line order denying the party’s application for a stay in Ohio Democratic Party v. Husted — the eminently reasonable opinion recently issued by a panel of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals refusing to overturn changes in early voting and same-day registration rules enacted by the Ohio legislature…


The decision that Democrats were attempting to stay in a George Soros–financed lawsuit was issued on August 23. It reversed a decision by a district-court judge that misapplied the law and misconstrued the facts. The Sixth Circuit held that reducing the number of early voting days from 35 to 29, and eliminating “Golden Week,” a six-day window in which Ohio residents could register and vote at the same time (same-day registration), was neither unconstitutional nor a violation of the Voting Rights Act…


As the Sixth Circuit pointed out, even with “only” 29 days of early voting, Ohio is “a national leader when it comes to early voting opportunities.” This is “really quite generous” since the Constitution doesn’t require that any state give voters the ability to vote before Election Day. In fact, early voting is a relatively new development — Texas was the first state to allow early voting starting in the late 1980s and “as many as thirteen states offer just one day for voting: Election Day.”

SCOTUS denies Ohio Democrats’ request to reinstate “Golden Week”

Golden Week stays gone:

The U.S. Supreme Court has denied an attempt by the Ohio Democratic Party to reinstate Ohio’s so-called Golden Week.


The ruling Sept. 13 means eligible voters in the state will not be allowed to register and cast ballots on the same day when Ohio’s absentee voting period for the presidential election begins next month.