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New Jersey Gov. vetoes Democrats’ partisan election bill


“This 71-page bill, styled as ‘The Democracy Act,’ will not further democracy, but endanger the State’s longstanding and proven election system.  Instead of playing politics with the State’s electoral system, the sponsors should work across the aisle on responsible and cost-effective electoral reform,” Governor Christie wrote in his veto


The bill represents a manifest attempt to use election reform for political gain rather than a genuine bipartisan effort to further improve the State’s election system.  The bill was not considered in legislative committee and was hastily adopted along party lines before the Legislature could complete its own fiscal analysis.  “Tellingly, the bill lacks the support of the bipartisan group of county election officials who would be responsible for its implementation and administration.” Governor Christie wrote…


Democrats are organizing a multi-million dollar push for automatic voter registration, but “voters in the Garden State already have ample opportunities to register to vote and cast their ballots… Nine out of ten eligible voters in New Jersey were registered to vote last year.”


“New Jersey taxpayers deserve better than to have their hard-earned tax dollars spent on thinly-veiled political gamesmanship and the State must ensure that every eligible citizen’s vote counts and is not stolen by fraud,” the Governor said.


Election Board requests criminal investigation of voter fraud allegations in overturned Perth Amboy election

The Middlesex County Board of Elections has asked for a criminal investigation into voter fraud allegations involving Perth Amboy’s Democrat chairwoman Leslie Dominguez-Rodriguez, which led a judge to overturn the November election of a city councilman.


Last month, when a Superior Court judge tossed November’s election results for a City Council seat, she also slammed the city’s Democratic chairwoman for engaging in possible vote-by-mail fraud and taking advantage of frail nursing home residents.


Leslie Dominguez-Rodriguez stepped down from her leadership role two days later, but it was still back to business as usual. A day or so after the ruling, Dominguez-Rodriguez went to the Middlesex County Clerk’s Office in New Brunswick and tried to take out a thousand vote-by-mail ballot applications, MyCentralJersey.com has learned.

“Shameful”: New Jersey judge finds local Democratic chairwoman took advantage of nursing home voters

In a rare move, a Superior Court judge this week threw out the November election results for a City Council seat, ordering a new election after finding that the city’s Democratic chairwoman took advantage of elderly nursing home residents.


Among the residents whose mail-in ballots were thrown out Wednesday by Judge Heidi Currier was a blind man, a resident who couldn’t recall either her address or having voted, and others who testified that Leslie Dominguez-Rodriguez coerced them…


The judge said the fraud “went far beyond a technical violation” and was “pervasive and far reaching and likely not just limited to these individuals whose ballots have been contested.”   The 13 ballots invalidated exceeded the margin of victory in the contested Perth Amboy election.


“It’s shameful that these residents were taken advantage of by an individual who had a direct personal interest in this election [and who] either used her influence over these residents or took advantage of their waning competence,” Currier said.