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Pennsylvania state police raid Democrat-aligned FieldWorks’ Philly office in widening voter registration fraud investigation

The police investigation into questionable Pennsylvania voter registration activities by FieldWorks LLC, a progressive political operation run by and for Democrats, has expanded to include Philadelphia and the group’s possible use of an illegal quota system:

Days after searching the Delaware County office of a Democratic grassroots organization for evidence of voter-registration fraud, state police on Thursday raided a second office – this one in Philadelphia.


Agents executed the warrant at FieldWorks LLC’s office in North Philadelphia after 5 p.m., seeking, among other things, forms that could be used to “construct fraudulent voter registration forms” and “completed voter registration forms containing same or similar identifying information of individuals on multiple forms,” court documents show.


As in the raid in Norwood, the latest warrant said investigators from the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office suspected “tampering with public records or information” or violations of an act that regulates military and overseas ballots…


In both the search warrants, copies of which were filed in court, investigators said they were also seeking information including ” ‘quota’ information” or bonuses.

A former FieldWorks employee says canvassers were expected to meet a daily quota of 18 new voter registrations. Paying people to register voters based on quotas is illegal in Pennsylvania.

“The manager told me and she told the room full of people that she didn’t really care how we got our quota… The week before I was fired (a manager) said to me, ‘You know, if you don’t make the 18 the next time you come in … then that’s it.'”

Pennsylvania state police raid Democrat-aligned FieldWorks offices in voter registration fraud investigation

Another progressive group working to elect Democrats is under investigation for voter registration fraud, this time in Pennsylvania, where state police raided the Delaware County office of FieldWorks LLC, a political operation run by and for Democrats.

The warrant did not specify the nature of the probe, but said agents also were looking for “templates . . . utilized to construct fraudulent voter registration forms” and “completed voter registration forms containing same or similar identifying information of individuals on multiple forms.”

FieldWorks is a self-described “grassroots organizing firm founded to help progressive organizations, advocacy groups, and members of the Democratic family take their public engagement and electoral strategies to the next level.”


A national spokesman says FieldWorks has “zero tolerance for fraud,” but it appears to be a recurring feature of their “next level” of “electoral strategies.” In 2012, FieldWorks employees in Ohio submitted fraudulent voter registration forms and forged petition signatures.


Other left-wing groups currently entangled in voter registration fraud investigations include Indiana Voter Registration Project, New Virginia Majority, HarrisonburgVotes (Virginia), and Mi Familia Vota (Florida).

Failure of the Checkbox: Potentially Thousands of Illegal Voters Registered in Pennsylvania

How do ineligible non-citizens end up on Pennsylvania’s voter rolls? Sometimes by invitation:

The Pennsylvania secretary of state’s office recently sent out 2.5 million postcards to licensed drivers who were not registered to vote, inviting them to sign up in time for the November election.


Trouble is, some of those drivers are not American citizens.

The problem is that the National Voter Registration Act, aka Motor Voter, requires everyone applying for a driver’s license to be offered a voter registration application, but with no way to verify whether applicants are eligible citizens beyond asking them to check a box.


Joseph Vanderhulst, an attorney with Public Interest Legal Foundation, says it’s a flaw in voter registration integrity that isn’t unique to Pennsylvania.

“It kind of just reinforces the issue, which is no filter on the front end and a lack of effort on the back end,” he said. “It’s a failure of the checkbox. The only filter we have is that checkbox … This is, to us, proof that that box is a total failure.”

“Tip of the Iceberg:” Illegal Voters Uncovered in Philly

This is just the tip of the iceberg:”

At least 86 non-citizens have been registered voters in Philadelphia since 2013, and almost half — 40 — even voted in at least one recent election, according to a legal group that sued to get voter registration records.


Joseph Vanderhulst, an attorney with the Public Interest Legal Foundation, noted Philadelphia knows about those 86 illegal voters only because officials received specific requests — in almost every case from the voters themselves — to remove the names from the rolls. He said there is no way to know how many non-citizens might be registered to vote in Philadelphia, let alone in the rest of politically crucial Pennsylvania…


“Who knows how many are on and don’t ask to be taken off.”

Ineligible Aliens Voted in Philadelphia in Recent Years

Once again, dirty voter rolls enable voter fraud: Dozens of ineligible aliens who were illegally registered to vote in Philadelphia cast ballots in recent elections.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation, an Indiana-based nonprofit that litigates to protect election integrity, released a report on Tuesday detailing voter rolls in Philadelphia…


The group found that from 2013 to 2015, 86 registrations were cancelled in Philadelphia because the registrant was not a United States citizen. Of the cancelled registrants, 40 aliens from the city have voted in at least one election, the report stated.


The report only details aliens who requested to be removed from the rolls… The group also discovered thousands of felons remain on the voter rolls despite having to be removed once incarcerated.


“This means that poll books listing eligible voters will contain the names of ineligible registrants in the November election,” the group stated. “By law, lists of eligible voters are to be kept accurate and current—they must only contain eligible voters…


“Clean rolls are the most important ingredient for clean elections.”

Philadelphia has a problem with aliens and ineligible felons registering and voting

When election officials don’t care about ineligible voters on the rolls, who will?


There are serious problems with Pennsylvania voter rolls. A new report from the Public Interest Legal Foundation documents the “systemic failure” of Philadelphia election officials to keep non-citizens and ineligible felons from illegally registering and voting.


List maintenance information obtained by PILF under the National Voter Registration Act revealed that in the years 2013-2015, the city cancelled the registrations of 86 non-citizens who had been added to the voter rolls; 40 of them had voted in at least one Philadelphia election. “These are just the ones we know about because they voluntarily asked to be removed from the rolls. The City does nothing to actively prevent or discover noncitizen registration.”

it is clear that the checkbox system on the registration forms is a failure. Sometimes people are registered even when they check “no”. There is no verification for those who check “yes” even though they are not citizens…


The vast majority of the noncitizens who ended up on the rolls registered through license branches under Section 7 of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, popularly known as “Motor Voter”. Our research reveals that this system is fraught with error and provides no filter at all to prevent noncitizens from registering to vote. In several instances, the person did not even realize that they were registering to vote.

PILF also discovered that incarcerated felons are not removed from Philadelphia’s voter rolls even though they are ineligible to vote.

These incarcerated felon registrations are not placed on the inactive list either. In fact, city election officials have absolutely no information on whether a registrant has been incarcerated for a felony. City of Philadelphia election officials behave as if Pennsylvania law prohibiting certain felons from voting doesn’t even exist. This is rank lawlessness.


…the voter registration office in Philadelphia has absolutely no way of knowing whether an absentee ballot request received from a penal institution is from a felon or a non-felon. City election officials simply devote no attention to the matter by their own admissions…

In testimony before Pennsylvania’s House State Government Committee, PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams concluded, “Aliens and ineligible felons being on the list of eligible voters must not be permitted to persist. Clean rolls are the most important ingredient for clean elections.”

Yes, Aliens Are Registered and Voting in Virginia and Pennsylvania

Yes, Virginia (and Pennsylvania), there is voter fraud. Ineligible non-citizens and felons are registered and voting in your state, aided by lax federal laws, self-interested state officials, and big-monied interest groups on the Left.

Who would ever be against verifying the citizenship of voters?  Another question – why would they fight steps to prevent foreign influence on American elections? …


When you win office on the slimmest of margins helped by illegal voting, it’s wise to hide the scope of illegal voting.

Will any voter fraud deniers acknowledge the documented problem of illegal voting and do something about it? The reports on Virginia non-citizen registration and voting and on aliens and felons on the voter rolls in Philadelphia both offer several suggestions of what can be done. All that’s needed is the will for officials to act – and for citizens to demand action – to protect the integrity of our elections and our government.

Ultimately, the number of illegal votes doesn’t matter when the integrity of the process is at stake. Nobody should tolerate voter fraud, whether it comes in bunches as we describe here, happens occasionally, or decides the outcome of an election.  Lawlessness in elections is a precursor for lawlessness across our government and culture. The response of law enforcement officials to both single instances of voter fraud and the hundreds of examples documented in this report should be the same: swift, sure and unwavering. No excuses should be made for the lawless who taint the electoral process.

Media Are Flat Wrong to Dismiss Voter Fraud Concerns

In Pennsylvania and elsewhere, “The laxity of our locally enforced election laws is an invitation to cheat.”  John Fund via NRO:

Yes, Donald Trump has muddied the issue of possible voter fraud in the November election with his comment that the only way Hillary Clinton can win Pennsylvania is by way of stolen votes. There doesn’t seem to be an issue that Trump can’t handle without hyperbole and exaggeration. But the media pile-on that Trump has experienced over his call for election observers to monitor the polls in Pennsylvania is unfair.

And it’s based on the lie that voter fraud is nonexistent. Pennsylvanians know it’s a lie. Like Chris Matthews, the liberal MSNBC host from Pennsylvania who in 2011 described this common fraud scheme:

People call up, see if you voted or you’re not going to vote. Then all of a sudden somebody does come and vote for you. This is an old strategy in big-city politics. . . . I know all about it in North Philly — it’s what went on, and I believe it still goes on.

Like Jimmy Tayoun, a former Philadelphia city councilman who went to prison in the 1990s for corruption, who knows how easy it is to cheat: “People working the polls don’t ask for ID. You can flood a lot of phony names on phony addresses, and there’s no way they’re going to check.”


In fact, Philadelphia is currently being sued over its lax voter roll maintenance. Add that to the list of voting “irregularities” identified by city commissioner Al Schmidt in his investigation of Philadelphia’s 2012 primary election – including people illegally voting who weren’t citizens, weren’t registered, were in the wrong district, voted twice, or impersonated another voter – and Pennsylvanians are right to be concerned about voter fraud.


Fund continues, “The way to avoid disputed elections and political turmoil is to make sure as few problems as possible happen while votes are being cast.” How can voters make sure?


As in most states, Pennsylvania election law recognizes poll watching as an important component of election transparency and accountability, allowing each candidate and party on the ballot to appoint watchers to observe the voting process inside the polls. (Pro tip: People standing outside polling locations and interacting with voters are not poll watchers or election observers.)


Candidates, parties, and voters concerned about honest elections who fail to appoint or serve as poll watchers are leaving a civic duty to their community undone, while members of the media and academia who intentionally conflate appointed law-abiding voters observing the process inside the polls with random angry people harassing voters outside the polls are discouraging legitimate civic participation.

The laxity of our locally enforced election laws is an invitation to cheat. However unartfully expressed, what Donald Trump was warning against in Pennsylvania is a legitimate concern. Rather than dismiss such concerns out of hand, the media might want to visit Philadelphia and other cities and be educated on what really can happen there on Election Day if the integrity of the voting process is put at risk.

Voter ID highly popular among voters in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania

By margins as high as 57 percentage points, voters in three key swing states strongly favor voter ID laws.


A new Quinnipiac Poll shows big majorities of voters support “efforts to require voters to show a photo identification card to vote” in Florida (77% to 20%), Ohio (75% to 22%), and Pennsylvania (64% to 34%).