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“Three Philly Election Officials Face Voter Fraud Charges”

More impersonation voter fraud that the anti-integrity crowd claims doesn’t exist:


Three people have been charged with voter fraud in two separate cases stemming from the 2015 and 2014 Philadelphia primary elections…


“I continue to be outraged that our election officials, after they clearly know the rules, think that they can just walk into the voting booth and vote multiple times or vote as someone else,” District Attorney Seth Williams said in a statement. “What these three have done is clearly a crime and will be prosecuted.”

“York County rep faces opposition against same-day voter registration “

It’s no wonder, with a pitch like this:


If it doesn’t take 30 days to get a sandwich made-to-order, it shouldn’t take 30 days to process a voter registration form.


That’s one York County legislator’s take on same-day voter registration, under which people could turn out at the polls the same day as an election, register on the spot and cast a vote… Under Schreiber and Bizzarro’s proposal for Pennsylvania, voters could register on Election Day at the polling place for their residence.


Republicans are concerned that the Democrats’ proposal “opens the door” for voter fraud:


Rep. Seth Grove, R-Dover Township, said same-day registration is unlikely to gain any traction this term, especially in the absence of secure voter ID.

Philly D.A. charges Democrat state Reps Brown and Waters in cash-for-favors case

Waters and Brown admitted wrongdoing to a grand jury


The Pennsylvania bribery and corruption case “deep-sixed” by Democrat state Attorney General Kathleen Kane yielded grand jury indictments this week against two Democrat state legislators:


[State Rep. Ron] Waters, D-191, and state Rep. Vanessa Brown, D-190, both of Philadelphia, each were charged with criminal conspiracy, bribery in official and political matters, conflict of interest and for failing to make required disclosures on statements of financial interest.


Mug Shots-PA-Waters-Brown


Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams said both Brown and Waters “admitted wrongdoing to a grand jury,” which included agreeing to vote against the state’s Voter ID bill and other political favors in exchange for cash.


D.A. Williams says Kane “cold-cased” the original investigation after accusing it of being racially motivated:


Williams said Kane dropped the case at “precisely the point where the evidence was complete and compelling. If anything was flawed, it was the attorney general’s work… As an African-American, as a law-enforcement official, I was disgusted that the attorney general would bring racism into this case. It’s like pouring gasoline on a fire.”

PA Councilman Turns Himself In on Voter Fraud Charges

Taylor, Pennsylvania – “The Borough With A Bright Future” – holds a less than bright future for first-term Councilman Eugene Gallagher, who “turned himself in Tuesday morning for charges of forgery and violating the state’s election code.”  From The Times-Tribune:

Mug Shots-PA-Gallagher

Mr. Gallagher persuaded Taylor residents and out-of-borough residents to register for absentee ballots using a borough address leading up to the election, according to county detectives. He also had the six victims listed in a criminal complaint sign the ballot’s envelopes, but never gave them an opportunity to fill them out for themselves… Gallagher met with the victims on at least two occasions after the election and asked them to lie should anyone question them about voting absentee.