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“Some States Have No Interest in Fighting Voter Fraud”

Could it be that they fear the data would refute their claims?


What’s really behind some states’ absurd opposition to requests from the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity for publicly available voter roll data?


States certainly have no valid legal or “privacy” objection to letting the commission have the same data they routinely make available to political campaigns – or to any individual who requests it.  Forty-two states, including some like Maryland and Virginia that say they’ll refuse the commission’s request, also regularly share their voter roll data with one or both voter registration crosscheck programs.


Maybe it’s partisan opposition to President Trump. Certainly there’s a lack of interest in deterring voter fraud among those who continue to deny it exists — despite evidence to the contrary. Could it also be that some state officials fear the data would refute their denials and expose the sloppy condition of their voter rolls?

Voter registration rolls in some states are in sad shape. They are filled with large numbers of individuals who are ineligible to vote because they are dead, have moved away and registered in a different state, or are not U.S. citizens.


Such inaccuracies can be exploited by fraudsters who would rather cheat to achieve their political objectives, knowing that many states have lax procedures that make it extremely likely that they can commit voter fraud and get away with it.


This is not just a crime against our electoral system, but against American citizens. Every fraudulent ballot that is cast negates the vote of a legitimate voter, effectively disenfranchising that voter.

“Growing Pile of Data Shows That Voter Fraud Is a Real and Vast Problem”

Deniers keep denying, but evidence of voter fraud is plain to see for anyone willing to look:

This week, The Heritage Foundation is updating its Voter Fraud Database with 89 new entries, including 75 convictions and a slew of overturned elections and civil fines targeting vote fraudsters.


With these latest additions, the database now documents 581 cases of proven voter fraud and 848 criminal convictions.


Heritage’s database proves not only that voter fraud is real and ongoing, but also that it is not isolated to any particular state or region.

South Texas postal worker sentenced to prison in federal voter fraud case

For a candidate or campaign worker looking to steal votes by illegally harvesting mail ballots, it pays to have someone on the inside – say, in the elections office or the post office. It also pays to be that someone on the inside.


In the south Texas county of Hidalgo, that someone was U.S. Postal Service employee Noe Abdon Olvera. He was paid well for selling mail ballot information to campaign workers – until he got caught.


Olvera and another postal worker were charged with selling lists of voters who received mail-in ballots to candidates running in the November 2014 election.

Olvera, who was arrested at the Postal Service facility in McAllen where he worked in October 2014, was subsequently charged with four counts of bribery of public officials in connection with an investigation into allegations that the mailman took $1,200 in bribes from campaign workers on two separate occasions in exchange for lists of postal customer names and addresses.

In March, Olvera pleaded guilty to one count of bribery of public officials. In exchange, the government dismissed the remaining three counts he was facing, court records show.

Olvera was busted with help from Yolanda Hidrogo, a politiquera who secretly recorded conversations with the postal worker and recounted in an affidavit her activities as a paid vote harvester.


The ballot harvesting schemes Hidrogo describes in the affidavit are common throughout Texas’ Rio Grande Valley and elsewhere in the state.


Olvera was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

“Student headed to prison for registering dead voters for Democrats”

A student at James Madison University in Virginia who admitted forging 18 voter registration applications while working for Democrat-affiliated HarrisonburgVOTES pleaded guilty to a single misdemeanor and will serve 100 to 120 days in prison.


As previously noted, Andrew Spieles would’ve gotten away with his crimes if the Registrar’s office hadn’t recognized the names of dead people he tried to register. “The assistant registrar’s personal knowledge of the names of some of the individuals named in the falsified documents facilitated the detection of the crime.”

Democrat ex-mayor convicted of voter fraud in Florida gets probation

Another Democrat elected official convicted of voter fraud gets a slap on the wrist:


After a jury found him guilty of felony voter fraud, a judge sentenced Eatonville, Florida’s former mayor on Friday to time served – 25 days – plus probation and community service.


Anthony Grant was indicted in March of last year along with two campaign workers on multiple mail ballot fraud charges, including forging signatures on ballots and coercing voters into submitting mail ballots for Grant in the 2015 mayoral election.


Following his indictment, the governor suspended Grant. Grant had formerly served as Eatonville’s mayor from 1994 to 2009 but lost to Bruce Mount, who he faced again in 2015.

Grant defeated Mount despite receiving fewer votes at the polls. Grant received 196 absentee votes to Mount’s 69, which swung the election in Grant’s favor.

Grant was convicted in May of two felonies and one misdemeanor.


“You’ve been found guilty of violating a core and fundamental right in our country to have free and fair elections,” Judge Keith Carsten told Grant before handing down the lenient sentence.

College Democrat will plead guilty to voter fraud in Virginia

“It’s good to see the Justice Department is filing voter fraud cases again.”


A Virginia college student and Young Democrat will plead guilty to voter fraud in federal court after admitting he submitted 18 fraudulent voter registration forms to the Harrisonburg Registrar’s office in the names of dead people.


Andrew Spieles, a student at James Madison University, submitted the fake registration forms while working for HarrisonburgVOTES – a group affiliated with the Virginia Democrat Party – ahead of the 2016 election, according to a statement of facts filed in federal court on June 8.


The fraud was only caught because workers in the Registrar’s office recognized some of the dead applicants’ names.

“Absent the assistants’ personal familiarity with certain names on the fraudulent documents, the fraud would not have been detected because the Registrar’s office does not check the validity of the voter-registration applications. The role of the Registrar’s office was to check the registration forms to ensure they were filled out correctly. . . . There was no procedure or policy in place for the Registrar’s office to verify the content of the registration forms except through felon and death reports. The Registrar’s office did not have the authority to dismiss registration forms based on false content.

The statement adds there is no current entity that verifies the validity of Virginia voter registration forms.”


That lack of verification extends to applicants’ citizenship. Recent reports issued by the Public Interest Legal Foundation show thousands of ineligible non-citizens have registered and voted in jurisdictions across Virginia. The state’s Democrat Gov. Terry McAuliffe vetoed several reforms aimed at maintaining accurate voter rolls.


Spieles’ plea hearing is set for June 20. He’s agreed to plead guilty to just a single misdemeanor charge and serve a sentence of 100 to 120 days.

Democrat elected official found guilty of voter fraud in Texas

More mail ballot fraud in Texas, where a jury convicted Ellis County constable Tyron Davis of voter fraud for “assisting” nursing home residents – including one with Alzheimer’s – with their mail ballot applications.

Davis, a Democrat, was elected after he was indicted in May 2016. He was convicted of six counts of voter fraud for failing to comply with properly signing a voter application and two counts of false ID as a peace officer.

Mug Shots-TX-Ellis-Davis

“It’s still debatable whether the people at the nursing home knew what they were signing when Davis showed up,” according Ellis County’s district attorney.


The DA’s office got involved when county election officials found 18 mail ballot applications and 15 voter registration applications with similar writing but without the signature of an assistant, as state law requires when someone helps a voter fill out their ballot documents.


Investigators suspected possible voter fraud after learning Davis falsely identified himself as a police officer in a flier given to the nursing home residents. Several of the residents identified Davis as the person who assisted them and told investigators they didn’t know what they were signing.


The violations are all misdemeanors. Davis avoided up to a year of jail time by agreeing to resign his constable position and give up his peace officer’s license.


Illegal harvesting of mail ballots is an ongoing problem around the Texas.


In Dallas County, prosecutors have already issued one arrest warrant in a criminal investigation into hundreds of allegedly fraudulent mail ballots harvested in the May 2017 local elections. In Tarrant County, thousands of harvested mail ballots are the subject of a voter fraud investigation by the Texas Attorney General’s office.


Dead people are on the voter rolls in Texas

It’s hardly news that dead people are on the voter rolls in Dallas County, Texas – some for as long as 12 years after their death.


And it’s no surprise that those dead voters’ registrations are exploited by fraudsters. At least 17 applied for ballots in the names of deceased voters in the county’s May 6 elections, according to the elections department. Those applications have been turned over to the Dallas County District Attorney’s office and added to its ongoing criminal investigation of hundreds of mail ballots allegedly forged as part of a vote harvesting operation in that same election.


The buried lede here is that a Democrat legislator acknowledges voter fraud is real and happening:

“I believe there are ballots that probably get taken out of mailboxes before a senior even knows it’s arrived. I believe there are people who will go and take a senior’s ballot and help them fill it out and by helping them, I mean telling them what to do or unduly influencing them in how they vote. I believe there are people who will let them vote of their freewill, but if they don’t like the result, [they] will actually discard the ballot. I think all those things happen,” said state Rep. Eric Johnson, D-Dallas.

“Democrats have turned a blind eye to voter fraud”

A reminder from J. Christian Adams via WMAL’s Mornings on the Mall: “Democrats have turned a blind eye to voter fraud,” encouraging more voter fraud.

“It goes a long way to actually bring criminal cases against criminals. But when you have eight years of inaction under the Obama-Holder-Comey-Lynch Justice Department, you’re going to have more voter fraud.”

Democrats get hysterical over any efforts to prevent voter fraud – even Trump’s Election Integrity Commission to just study voting processes and voter fraud – claiming they’re all “voter suppression” efforts to keep minorities from voting.


The truth is that minorities are more likely to be the victims of voter fraud – a fact Democrats including DNC chair Tom Perez don’t seem to care about at all, so long as Democrats benefit from those stolen votes.