DOJ-FBI Fails to Investigate Crimes Against the Electoral College

In its latest perversion of the rule of law, Obama’s Justice Department has failed to act in response to death threats against presidential electors voting for Donald Trump.


Such threats are federal felonies.


But intimidation of electors wasn’t “some quirky event confined to 2016. The threats were the product of a larger effort to destabilize the Electoral College and the constitutional order that created it. . . . The foes of the Electoral College wanted chaos, and the death threats were the result of that effort.”

So why didn’t the Department of Justice and the FBI do anything about threats to the Electoral College? By now, dear readers, after eight years of this lawless rot, you don’t need J. Christian Adams to answer the question. You already understand that this Justice Department only reacts to the ideological narrative of the extreme Left.

As Adams said on Fox News:

Remember Ferguson? Remember what happened after that police officer used legitimate deadly force? You had a president and attorney general grandstanding about a lie. And now you have real threats to the system, to the Constitutional order, by threats to electors, and they are deadly silent. It shows you what these people are really about, and good riddance to them on January 20.