Elector intimidation is “political terrorism”

Should the DOJ investigate threats against electors?


Yes, says J. Christian Adams on Fox & Friends. Intimidation of electors is a federal crime and “political terrorism. Multiple federal statutes do not allow you to give death threats to electors. But understand this is a larger effort to destabilize the system, destabilize the electoral college.”


This DOJ won’t act, though, because the intimidation victims are on the wrong political side. “That’s how this Justice Department plays. If you are against them, they don’t help you.”


That can and should change under a new administration that respects the rule of law and an Attorney General willing to push back against the Left’s threats to the constitutional order.


“The system has to be preserved. You must have a system where people can vote according to the rule of law, not according to the chaos that the Left wants to impose on America.”