Ex-New Virginia Majority employee pleads guilty to felony voter fraud for filing fake registration applications

Vafalay Massaquoi pleaded guilty to three counts of felony voter fraud for filing fake voter registration forms in Alexandria while working for the progressive group New Virginia Majority.


As usual, a plea deal means the potential maximum 30-year prison sentence – according to voter fraud deniers, the big deterrent to felony fraud – was reduced dramatically, to 90 days in jail:

Massaquoi pleaded guilty to three felony counts: Two counts of forging a public record and one count of election fraud. Massaquoi was sentenced to serve five years in prison on each charge, with all but time already served suspended for the period of five years and upon the conditions that he remain on good behavior, that he comply with Adult Probation and that he complete 500 hours of community service… Massaquoi has served approximately 90 days in jail.