Federal judge denies NAACP request to circumvent Alabama voter ID law

No joy for opponents of Alabama’s photo voter ID law:


U.S. District Judge L. Scott Coogler refused a preliminary injunction request to allow alternate means of identification for voters in the upcoming 2016 elections… Coogler criticized the request as a backdoor method to do away with the photo identification requirement that took effect in 2014.

“They are asking the court to rewrite the positively identify provision in a way that circumvents the photo identification requirement altogether — without actually providing proof that the photo ID requirement is unduly burdensome on Alabama voters,” Coogler wrote…
 The judge did not rule on the merits of the overall lawsuit but hinted that it might not prevail. Coogler wrote that courts, “already answered the question as to whether photo ID laws like Alabama’s violate the U.S. Constitution and/or the Voting Rights Act.”