Forty-four non-citizens have voted in recent Ohio elections

Despite assurances from the anti-integrity crowd that it’s a nonexistent problem, the fact is that ineligible non-citizens are illegally voting.  How many? Without better procedures and data, it’s impossible to tell.


The 44 were among 436 non-citizens discovered on Ohio voter registration rolls in checks in 2013 and this year by Husted’s office. The 27 discovered this year who cast a ballot were referred to the Ohio attorney general for investigation and possible prosecution.


“None of these affected the outcome of an election, but eventually, if we don’t solve these problems, it will,” Husted said…


While both voting and registering to vote by non-citizens are 5th-degree felonies, Husted said the only thing that happens to those who registered illegally is a letter asking them to remove themselves from voting rolls. The law does not allow the secretary of state to kick them off, he noted…


The individuals weren’t flagged until they told the BMV twice that they were non-citizens, Husted said. Are there more non-citizens among the 7.7 million on Ohio’s registered voter list? Possibly, but Husted and his staff said they have no idea how many.

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