“Hillary Clinton Donor at Firm With Eric Holder Among Lawyers Behind Voter ID Suit”

The Washington Free Beacon reports on the latest effort in a national push to challenge state voter ID laws, this time in Alabama:


“A lawyer who has donated thousands to Hillary Clinton and works alongside former attorney general Eric Holder is part of the newest team to bring a lawsuit forward challenging a state’s voter identification laws, the fourth such suit filed this year.”


Three lawsuits filed earlier in 2015, in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Virginia, “were pushed by Marc Elias, Clinton’s top campaign lawyer and partner at the D.C.-based Perkins Coie, who filed the suits independently of the campaign although Clinton’s campaign publicly backed the efforts.”


“The initial plans to launch a multi-state push challenging voter ID laws dates back to January 2014 when liberal billionaire George Soros got wind of Elias wanting to file numerous lawsuits across the United States. Soros threw his weight behind the effort, vowing to put at least $5 million into the campaign.”