Hundreds of voter fraud accusations tied to Ohio pot petition drive

Hamilton County Board of Elections is issuing subpoenas


The campaign to legalize marijuana in Ohio is under investigation for possible voter fraud because¬†the names on petitions and registration forms included dead people, prisoners and voters who say they never filled out the form…


“Overzealous is a polite word for it,” said Tim Burke, chairman of the board of elections. “You can’t sign up dead people. You can’t sign for other people. That should never happen.”


Fellow board member Alex Triantafilou said he’ll push for criminal prosecution of anyone who committed fraud while gathering petitions or registering people to vote.


Secretary of State Husted says “the state has received almost 700 accusations of fraud related to the Issue 3 campaign,” from several counties, that include “signing up dead people, teenagers too young to vote and people who don’t appear to exist.”