Indiana files multiple felony voter fraud charges against son of Democrat candidate

 A police officer is charged with committing voter fraud in an effort to help his father get elected to city council, state police say. Officer Lowell Ross Colen, 42, faces 13 felony counts in connection with the Ohio County primary election last May… Colen’s father, Frances, won the primary and is running for one of five seats in the November general election.


Mug Shots-IN-ColenIN-Rising Sun voter fraud


According to Indiana State Police, a four-month investigation that began in June revealed Colen filled out absentee voter applications and ballots for people who weren’t eligible to vote in the county. He allegedly forged signatures on some documents and turned them in to the Ohio County Clerk’s Office, ISP said.


Earlier this month in Indiana, a federal grand jury indicted Sullivan County councilman Max Judson on multiple voter fraud charges related to the May 2014 Democrat primary election.  Judson, who won that primary by just 18 votes, admitted to the FBI that he illegally assisted at least 15 voters.  According to the complaint, “JUDSON stated that on nearly all of these occasions, JUDSON either told these Voters how they should vote or which bubbles to fill in on their ballots. JUDSON admitted that he knew his conduct to be wrong, and that as a candidate he should not have been involved in the voting process.”