Iowa Secretary of State rolls out voter ID proposal

This bill will make it difficult to cheat the system.” 


Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate announced plans for new legislation that will require Iowa voters to show photo identification: a driver’s license, military ID, passport, or free voter ID card issued by the Secretary of State’s office.


Pate’s plan also calls for absentee voters to put their driver’s license number on their ballots, and for all counties to have electronic poll books to scan IDs.


The Republican-controlled legislature is expected to pass voter ID this session, and Governor Terry Branstad has said he supports it too, as do Iowa voters.

“Poll after poll has shown us that Iowans support voter ID. . . . Polls also show a lot of folks to do not have confidence in the voting system. . . . What we’re doing here is continuing the role we’re supposed to do and that is protecting the integrity and increasing participation — and technology is the way to do that,” Pate said.