James O’Keefe Proves Again Why Voter ID is Needed to Prevent Voter Fraud

Democrats Dismiss Voter-Fraud Worries, but Reality Intrudes.  This time in Michigan, where poll workers offered undercover investigative journalist James O’Keefe primary ballots of several well-known voters: journalists, elected officials, and even rapper Eminem.


But the anti-voter ID crowd, including Left-wing judges, continue to deny that voter fraud exists, or claim it’s not “widespread” enough to affect the outcome of elections (demonstrably false), pointing to the paucity of prosecutions.


The fact is that prosecutions for voter fraud are rare in part because the crime is so hard to catch, the level of proof required is high, the priority in filing such cases is low, and district attorneys are reluctant to pursue cases that will anger half of the ruling political class…


Our elections aren’t “rigged,” as Donald Trump says in his more hyperbolic moments. But there is plenty to worry about. Flagrantly slipshod voter-registration systems that can be gamed by groups like ACORN; millions of inactive or suspect names on our voter rolls, as found by Pew Research; and videos such as those James O’Keefe keeps churning out — this should be enough to convince us of the need for vigilance.