Liars on the Left are Attacking Jeff Sessions

Pray for Jeff Sessions:

Everyone who believes in prayer should say some for attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions. Senator Sessions is experiencing the full wrath of the worst hateful lies that the modern Left and Democrat Party can conjure. Lies, half-truths, and smears have become the strategy to attack his nomination.

The age of Obama has seen the rise of bricks-and-mortar operations with deep cash reserves designed to permanently transform the nation, and the Justice Department has been ground zero. That’s why Jeff Sessions is the perfect pick for attorney general, and that’s why the liars on the Left are willing to smear this good man.

One source of smears and half-truths is Deval Patrick who, as a former assistant attorney general for Civil Rights at the Justice Department, should know better.

Mr. Patrick sent this disgraceful letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee seeking to derail the Sessions nomination. It claimed that when Mr. Sessions prosecuted a case of brazen voter fraud, he actually engaged in voter intimidation. . . .

The letter omits key facts and distorts others.

Mr. Patrick makes the implausible claim that the “theory of Mr. Sessions’ case was that it was a federal crime for someone to help someone else vote or to advise them how to vote.” Mr. Patrick must not have read the actual indictment very carefully in the Alabama case from the 1980s. It clearly alleged that fraudulent absentee ballots were being mailed and that alleged political operatives were casting multiple ballots in the names of absentee voters.

But Patrick’s letter is standard procedure — reframe efforts to stop voter fraud as violations of civil rights. They oppose Jeff Sessions for attorney general because he fights voter fraud, period.

In response, former Justice Department Voting Section attorney J. Christian Adams sent the Judiciary Committee this letter replying to Mr. Patrick’s claims:

The right to vote means the right to vote of the voter, not the right of a political machine to force assistance on voters or mark the ballot for them without the voter’s input. And it certainly does not mean the right to alter the ballot of a voter against the will of the voter, which was the central charge brought by Mr. Sessions in the Perry County case.

Mr. Sessions should be praised for pressing these prosecutions — not criticized.