Lorain, Ohio judge finally refers 2015 voter fraud case to prosecutor

If people do something wrong, they should be held accountable.


Better late than never:


A Lorain County judge who overturned a May 2015 city council Democratic primary decided by just one vote, after determining that nine ineligible people had illegally voted in the race, has finally turned over the records of those ineligible voters to county prosecutors to investigate for voter fraud.


Lorain County Common Pleas Judge Mark Betleski wrote in a letter he admitted was overdue to Lorain County Prosecutor Dennis Will,

I am writing you now to advise you that I determined that certain individuals voted illegally in that election.


I am requesting that you review the materials contained in this letter, the evidence admitted during the trial of this matter, and any other information available through your office’s investigation, and determine whether any individuals should be prosecuted for their actions during the 2015 Lorain City Primary election.

Judge Betleski found that the nine ineligible voters had registered at addresses where they didn’t actually live (in some cases, where no one lived), “a felony under Ohio law,” or had moved.