Missouri’s District 78 Democrat primary overturned due to voter fraud

Another election outcome affected by voter fraud:  Circuit Judge Rex Burlison overturned the August 2 Democratic primary election for Missouri’s District 78 state representative seat, which was decided by just 90 votes, and ordered a new election.

The review by the state’s top election official was prompted by an ongoing Post-Dispatch investigation, showing repeated irregularities in the absentee balloting process. And it comes as Joyce’s office launches a grand jury investigation into possible criminal wrongdoing associated with the election.

As part of the review, Kander’s office contacted those who were quoted in an Aug. 31 Post-Dispatch article, including voter Thelma Williams, who told the newspaper she had no idea why multiple absentee ballot applications were filled out in her name. Kander’s office also talked with Patricia Bingham, a former Election Board employee who told the Post-Dispatch that Hubbard’s husband, Rodney Sr., or someone from the Hubbard campaign, would often bring in stacks of absentee ballots to the Election Board office.

Under the board’s procedures, only one walk-in ballot is to be accepted at a time, and it must be brought into the office by a relative.

On Friday, Burlison ordered a new election, saying that “the court is firmly convinced” that absentee ballot irregularities “affected the outcome of the election.”