More Dead Voters on the Rolls and Voting in Colorado

Dirty voter rolls once again enable voter fraud:

An ongoing CBS4 Investigation into dead voters in Colorado has turned up another dead voter — this time in Larimer County…


That apparently fraudulent vote was cast in the name of Irvin Mniszewski, 88, of Loveland, who died Sept. 6, 2011. But six weeks later, on Oct. 16, 2011, a vote was cast in Mniszewski’s name in a Larimer County election and it was counted on Oct. 19, 2011.

In Boulder County, Daisy Simmons receives ballots in the mail for every election, even though she died in 2010. Her son says her death is on file with state and federal authorities, but the ballots keep coming. “I believe I could have scrawled her signature and it would not have been challenged.”


Others have certainly done so in the cases documented by CBS4, though short of confessions it would be virtually impossible to identify and prosecute the fraudsters. And without prosecutions, the problem of fraudulent voting continues to be denied.


But denial doesn’t fix the problem; clean voter rolls do. As long as deceased, duplicate, and ineligible voters are on the voter rolls, fraudulent ballots can be cast in their names – by the registrants themselves or by others impersonating them.