New Poll Shows North Carolina Voters Strongly Back Laws Protecting Election Integrity

99% “have some form of photo ID issued by a government agency”


“The most recent Civitas Poll shows North Carolina voters strongly support laws protecting the integrity and stature of the election process.”


  • 82% say yes, “people in North Carolina should be required to prove their U.S. citizenship when they attempt to register to vote.”
  • 76% do not believe “a person be allowed to register and then vote on the same day without providing a valid photo ID that includes the voter’s current address.”
  • 65% say “requiring all voters to show a photo ID to vote” will give them “more confidence in election results.”
  • 64% agree that “voter fraud in North Carolina is a real threat to the integrity of our elections and therefore requiring a photo ID is justified and logical.”
  • 62% believe the state’s photo voter ID requirement, set to take effect in 2016, is more likely to “stop voter fraud” – more than twice the 27% who think it more likely to “prevent eligible voters from casting a ballot.”  And that 27% might revise their opinion in light of the finding that 99% of registered voters “personally have some form of photo ID issued by a government agency.”


NC Civitas Poll 2015