North Carolina voter ID case set for trial in state court starting Sept. 26

A state court challenge to North Carolina’s voter ID requirement is set to go to trial starting September 26, just one month ahead of the state’s October 27 early voting start date.

The question before [Wake County Judge Mike] Morgan will be whether the 2013 election law overhaul is an extension of the voter registration process, as lawmakers have argued. The challengers argue that requiring N.C. voters to show one of six approved IDs or cast a provisional ballot is a “qualification” that goes beyond the bounds of the state Constitution.

An appeal of a separate, federal case in which the voter ID requirement was upheld is pending in the Fourth Circuit.


Voter turnout in the state’s March primaries, the first requiring photo voter ID, was similar to previous presidential primaries: 36% in 2016, compared to 37% in 2008 and 35% in 2012.