“Ohio is totally targeted for fraud”

Just as Hillary Clinton allies have done in other states across the country, the Left has launched a multi-front legal onslaught challenging election integrity measures in Ohio, a key swing state with a history of voter fraud.


While other Democrat-backed lawsuits have mostly focused on fighting states’ voter ID laws, in Ohio they have sought to block voter roll cleanup efforts; eliminate laws requiring full and accurate completion of absentee- and provisional-ballot forms; and bring back the state’s “Golden Week,” an extra seven days of early voting starting 35 days before Election Day during which people can register and vote on the same day – positions favored by the Left that accommodate fraud.

“What happens in Ohio is we see people come from other states such as California and Massachusetts where they know their vote doesn’t matter, and exploit the loopholes…


“There is a reason Democrats were cheering [convicted eight-time fraudulent voter] Melowese Richardson after she was released from jail,” said Adams, a former Justice Department attorney. “It’s because they care about power and are happy to let voter fraud continue in Ohio to gain power.”

A spokesman for Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted noted that many states have stricter voting laws than Ohio, but “lawsuits aren’t popping up there.”

“New York, for example, the home state of the Democrat and Republican nominees, has only one-day voting. It’s called Election Day. Litigation always happens prior to an election here because this is a swing state with a big electoral presence.”