Party Time at Justice: Celebrating Affecting the Election

Leftists at the highly-politicized Justice Department celebrate helping elections go their way on taxpayers’ dime:

When the Obama Justice Department learned that it had killed off election integrity laws in North Carolina and Texas, political leadership decided it was time for a party… It was time for the leftist lawyers at the Justice Department to celebrate…


[Deputy Assistant Attorney General Justin] Levitt thanked everyone for their hard work, and what it would mean on November 8.  What you did “would have a great effect on the election.”  Effect indeed.  It wasn’t a speech about enforcing federal law neutrally, it was about affecting the election in North Carolina and Texas.

What else is the Justice Department Voting Section spending taxpayer money on besides fighting election laws Democrats don’t like and pizza parties? High-paid left-wing lawyers who “spend days idling, doing nothing, while their managers hide behind closed doors.”

The Obama Voting Section hasn’t initiated and brought a single case under Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act to fight discriminatory voting districts, even thought the NAACP has found and won meritorious cases.   These were cases the DOJ could have brought and won, but didn’t.  The Section hasn’t brought a single minority language case to help Spanish speaking voters since 2012 and has entirely shut down enforcement of the law requiring clean voter rolls.  But who needs clean voter rolls when you can have a pizza party instead?