Results flip in Democratic primary do-over ordered due to absentee ballot fraud

A “paradigm shift in St. Louis politics,” where absentee ballot “irregularities” are a regular feature of some Democrats’ campaigns:

It was a very special election indeed in Missouri House District 78 on Friday, September 16. Challenger Bruce Franks Jr. devastated incumbent Penny Hubbard by more than a 3:1 margin, 2,234 votes to 701 votes, in unofficial election results.


The special election was ordered by District Judge Rex Burlison, who ruled on a suit brought by Franks claiming improper use of absentee votes by the Hubbard campaign. Burlison ruled that election authorities accepted enough improperly recorded absentee votes to call into question the August 2 primary results, when Hubbard beat Franks by 90 votes though Franks received more votes on the actual election day…


As Franks’ lawyer Dave Roland argued in pleadings and court, the Hubbards have a track record of winning hugely lopsided absentee-voter-majority victories

The original voter fraud complaint “contained the serious allegation that evidence exists of illegal activity regarding the absentee ballot process,” including that ballots were “obtained illegally, were tampered with, or both.”


Two former Election Board employees also told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that Rodney Hubbard and other Hubbard campaign workers brought “stacks of ballots” to the Election Board offices, even though “Missouri law requires that hand-delivered ballots be brought to the election board by the voter or a second-degree relative.”