Rules to remove non-citizens from Iowa voter rolls will not take effect

“There are other ways to accomplish the same goal”


When Iowa’s Secretary of State wrote rules in 2012 to identify illegally-registered non-citizens on the state’s voter rolls and refer them to county auditors, affiliates of frequent anti-election integrity plaintiffs ACLU and LULAC sued to block them.  A court decided that the Secretary of State’s office “lacked the statutory authority to promulgate” the rules, and Secretary Paul Pate has now dropped the state’s appeal.


Pate said he voluntarily declined to continue the appeal after consulting with the Attorney General’s Office and will focus now on “building the most accurate voter registration list for Iowa.”


“I will use my authority to the fullest extent of state and federal law to ensure accurate voter lists,” Pate said. “There are other ways to accomplish the same goal without pursuing a course with significant legal hurdles.”


Iowa’s “legal hurdles” relate to rule-making authority, but the anti-integrity crowd can be counted on to continue intimidating states with lawsuits and threats of lawsuits to discourage any and all commonsense efforts to find and remove ineligible registrants who should never have been on voter rolls in the first place.