“Shameful”: New Jersey judge finds local Democratic chairwoman took advantage of nursing home voters

In a rare move, a Superior Court judge this week threw out the November election results for a City Council seat, ordering a new election after finding that the city’s Democratic chairwoman took advantage of elderly nursing home residents.


Among the residents whose mail-in ballots were thrown out Wednesday by Judge Heidi Currier was a blind man, a resident who couldn’t recall either her address or having voted, and others who testified that Leslie Dominguez-Rodriguez coerced them…


The judge said the fraud “went far beyond a technical violation” and was “pervasive and far reaching and likely not just limited to these individuals whose ballots have been contested.”   The 13 ballots invalidated exceeded the margin of victory in the contested Perth Amboy election.


“It’s shameful that these residents were taken advantage of by an individual who had a direct personal interest in this election [and who] either used her influence over these residents or took advantage of their waning competence,” Currier said.