St. Louis County election commission unanimously votes out board director Rita Days

Another poorly-performing election official is held accountable:


A Democrat, Days has overseen county elections since her appointment by the commission in 2011.  Her annual salary was $118,539. 


The commission consists of four gubernatorial appointments, two Republicans and two Democrats.  The party holding the governor’s office chooses the paid election director.   


Days’ tenure was marred by a shortage of paper ballots in the November, 2014 general election, faulty electronic balloting equipment and lengthy delays in reporting election results.


Days also landed in the center of a discredited national story last October when she incorrectly told USA Today and Huffington Post that 3,287 Ferguson residents had registered to vote in the months following the summer unrest in their community. The actual number of registrations, which was closer to a figure she’d provided earlier to the Post-Dispatch, was 128.