Texas Democratic Party boss takes a hit in voter fraud case: client facing 16 criminal charges

Via Watchdog.org:


A client of Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa is facing 16 criminal charges of rigging votes in a Rio Grande Valley election.


Lupe Rivera Sr. illegally handled ballots and envelopes in his closely contested Weslaco City Commission race, according to the state attorney general’s office. Rivera won the 2013 election by 16 votes, but a court ruled that 30 ballots were illegally cast.


The charges are an added blow to Hinojosa on top of his failed defense of Rivera’s contested election, and voters are none too happy with the top Democrat’s defense of fraud:


At trial, Hinojosa argued that vote-gathering by so-called “politiqueras” were business as usual in the Rio Grande Valley.  “What difference does it make where anybody sleeps? These are families in South Texas,” the former Cameron County judge and local party boss told the courts.


Mary Helen Flores, president of the nonpartisan Citizens Against Voter Abuse, blasted Hinojosa.  “The fact that he continually defends people involved in vote manipulation should say a whole lot,” Flores said.