The truth about Iowa’s proposed Election Integrity Act

Voter participation and voter integrity are not mutually exclusive.


Not to worry, “confused and worried” Iowa college students. Despite scare-mongering in the media that a new voter ID law will somehow keep students from voting, the truth is that Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate’s election integrity proposal will do nothing of the sort, as Pate himself explains:

The Election Integrity Act is not a photo ID mandate. Registered voters who do not already have an Iowa driver’s license or state-issued ID will be provided with a free voter ID card in the mail, automatically. It does not require a picture, additional documentation or travelling to the DMV to obtain.


This legislation also does not change Iowa’s voter registration process. Election day voter registration continues under my proposal.


College students can register to vote using the exact same opportunities currently available. Iowa law requires election day registrants to show proof of identification and proof of residency, but the ID cards must contain an expiration date. Student voters will be treated just like every other Iowan. If they need a voter ID card, we will supply them with one, for free.

Treated just like every other Iowan. That seems eminently fair.