Virginia Dems Blocking the Truth About Non-Citizens Engaged in Voter Fraud

This is what a cover-up directed by state election officials looks like.


It’s a fact that non-citizens are illegally registering and voting in Virginia.


Exactly how many isn’t known, as Democrat election officials at the state level are advising county registrars not to disclose the information – an apparent violation of the National Voter Registration Act. But a search earlier this year of just eight Virginia counties’ voter records found over a thousand non-citizens who had illegally registered and cast nearly 200 illegal votes.

What we have here are several hundred cases of voter fraud in just one Virginia city that won’t appear in any public reports when there are discussions and debates about voter fraud…


This is what a cover-up directed by state election officials looks like. They are trying to hide hundreds, if not thousands, of instances of voter fraud that occurred on their watch.

The number of ineligible non-citizens able to illegally register and vote isn’t so surprising when you consider that Virginia, like most other states, “takes no steps of any kind to verify the citizenship status of voter registrants.”


What is – or should be – surprising is that “controlling [Democrat] members of the State Board of Elections obviously see nothing wrong with violating federal public records law, attempting to conceal illegal registration and voting, and seem to have no interest in taking any steps to prosecute those who have violated some of our most fundamental protections intended to preserve the integrity of our election process.”