What Trump’s Attorney General Will Face

“It’s a game of whack-a-nut.”


J. Christian Adams on Radio Stranahan earlier this month talks about the challenges the next Attorney General will face, starting with an army of intransient Justice Department bureaucrats and lawyers working against him who don’t want to enforce or change the law:

To manage a group of eight or nine hundred radicals [in the Civil Rights Division], Jeff Sessions will have eight people. That’s it… it’s a game of whack-a-nut. These eight people essentially are going to be spending all their time trying to roll back the fundamental transformation in a nest of vipers. It’s going to be extremely difficult to do.

The radical leftovers from Obama’s DOJ will be aided by their allies in the institutional Left:

That’s what makes it a fearsome task, because the Obama administration recognized that the Justice Department was ground zero for the fundamental transformation. That’s why they put a radical like Holder in who did not care about criticism from any direction. He did not care. It emboldened him. And that’s why Obama was able to do so much. The Civil Rights Division – it’s not just immigration, it’s police, voting, schools, transgender, hiring practices, education. . . It’s not just voting, it’s everything. The Civil Rights Division touches more parts of American life than any federal agency.

Listen to the full interview here, starting at the 30:10 mark.