Why the Left hates soon-to-be Attorney General Jeff Sessions

The Left hates Sessions because Sessions hates voter fraud, loves the Constitution


Former DOJ Voting Section attorney J. Christian Adams joins Vicki McKenna to talk about why the Left is desperately smearing and lying to fight Senator Jeff Sessions’ Attorney General confirmation, why they fight the election integrity measures he supports, and the sorry state of the modern civil rights industry.

They hate Jeff Sessions because Jeff Sessions hates voter fraud. He prosecuted voter fraud when he was a U.S. attorney, and in the perverse world of the modern Left, that disqualifies you from being the Attorney General.


And that’s why they’re going after Jeff Sessions, because he prosecuted voter fraud in Alabama in the ’80s, and it just so happens some of the people he prosecuted were well-connected ‘civil rights leaders’ . . . they were stealing the votes of black voters,  they were going to their house, they were taking their absentee ballots, they were changing the votes.

To the modern Left, though, it doesn’t matter if black “civil rights activists” steal the votes of black voters. Prosecuting black cheaters (at the request of black candidates losing votes to the cheating) is the problem.

This goes back to the overarching narrative we see over and over and over again. . . any election integrity measure, they act as if it’s a conspiracy by Jim Crow. It’s the modern lie. it’s what the civil rights industry has become is a group of well-funded dishonest brokers. . . .


The modern Democrat Party is changing the rules of the game when it comes to elections. . . they want to change the environment so it helps them win power. . . They know Jeff Sessions opposes that. . . That’s why they hate Sessions, because Sessions loves the Constitution.

Adams says California is a great example of how you “transform a political class by transforming the electorate.”

They basically had an open system where it was a free for all. People flooded across the border, they got registered multiple times, and you saw a state completely transformed politically. . . . That’s how they plan on transforming the country. They tell you this. They tell you that they believe demographic changes will eradicate conservatism and constitutionalism. They make no secret about it. What they don’t tell you is those demographic changes are accelerated by lawlessness.

The institutional Left is spending “millions and millions and millions of dollars” funding “a giant edifice that is working to undermine the American system of elections and the rule of law,” including soon-to-be-failed efforts to block Jeff Sessions from becoming our next Attorney General.