Wisconsin Voter ID remains in effect; judge orders expanded outreach

U.S. Western District Judge James Peterson on Thursday ordered Wisconsin to expand its voter ID public education efforts, including creating new materials about the petition process for voters who don’t have the documents otherwise required to obtain a free state-issued ID.

“After yet another attempt by the plaintiffs to strike down voter ID, the law remains in effect for the November election,” said DOJ Spokesman Johnny Koremenos.

The state has been offering voters free photo identification cards since Act 23 passed in 2011, and in January 2012 launched its “Bring It to the Ballot” public education campaign ahead of the February 2012 election that was the first to require voter ID – a campaign that was immediately squelched by a March 2012 injunction resulting from the first of many legal actions seeking, unsuccessfully, to strike down Wisconsin’s voter ID law.