Wyoming flags 27 cases of voter registration fraud in Laramie County

Thanks to Wyoming’s same-day registration law, 27 people – 11 ineligible felons and 16 non-citizens – may have fraudulently registered to vote in Laramie County on November 8.


That’s how many registrations were flagged by the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office when the Laramie County Clerk’s Office entered its Election Day registrations into the statewide voter database. Because they were caught after the fact, votes they cast were counted.


But at least the non-citizens were caught, because for the first time Wyoming started looking. State Elections Director Kai Schon says “this is the first year potential non-citizens have been flagged through the voter database, using driver’s license information collected by WYDOT.”

“At the beginning of 2016, in the data extract from the Department of Transportation, we asked them to include citizenship values they’d been collecting in their database since the beginning,” Schon said.

Under Wyoming (and federal) law, it’s a felony for non-citizens to register or vote.