“Democrat Machine Notaries Now Working MS GOP Runoff”

Link at Tatler:

Tatler has learned that Democrat notaries who engaged in illegal conduct in previous elections in Mississippi (according to a federal court ruling) are now harvesting absentee ballots for the Republican runoff from African-Americans who have always voted in Democratic Party primaries.

Back in 2007, the United States Justice Department sued the chairman of the Noxubee Democratic Executive Committee, Ike Brown.  I served on the team that prosecuted that case.  Brown was found liable for discriminating against white voters from his perch as the head of the Democrat party.

The federal court discussed the behavior of one particular notary – Carrie Kate Windham.  Windham was found to have harvested votes as a notary, sometimes voting the actual ballots of the voters.  You can read the whole opinion here (believe me, the conduct is so outrageous it is worth the read).  The federal court:

The Government also presented direct evidence of fraud in the collection of absentee ballots by one notary in particular, Carrie Kate Windham, who became a member of the NDEC during Brown’s chairmanship and whose notary application fee and surety bond were paid by Ike Brown. . . .According to Wood, Windham actually  marks Wood’s ballot for her and selects candidates when Wood does not know whom she wants to  vote for because, as Wood put it, Windham “knows folks” better than Wood does. Wood testified that her daughter lives with her, and although her daughter is not disabled or illiterate and was not going to be out of the county on election day, she was recruited to vote absentee by Windham. The same was true of Otis Shanklin, who also lives in Wood’s home. Shanklin is not disabled, can read, and is able to go to the poll on election day, yet he casts his vote by absentee ballot in every election and is assisted in every election by Windham; and if he does not know whom to vote for, he has Windham vote for him.

This is the sort of voter fraud academics and political hacks (but I repeat myself) say is rare and doesn’t really amount to much.

Tatler can report that the notaries who have been engaged in voter fraud going back at least a decade are now in the field once again harvesting absentee ballots from African-Americans in the Republican primary who normally never vote in the Republican primary in Mississippi.