WI Elections Chief: We ran several elections in 2011 and 2012 where poll workers simulated “Ask But No Show” Photo ID procedure

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The Wisconsin GAB has updated outreach and educational materials and staff is focused on photo ID implementation across the state. The chief elections official noted that there have been a number of elections in 2011 and the 2012 primary where election officials asked for photo ID but the actual ID was not required to be shown at the polls in order to vote  The GAB will be conducting a series of webinars on the voter ID law and each poll workers will receive an hour of training for each day of work at the polling place.


WI Elections Chief: “We Anticipated the Court Could Act Quickly, We Weren’t Unprepared For This”

Contrary to the statements of voter ID opponents, the Wisconsin Chief Elections Official said “we anticipated the Court could act quickly….we were game-planning.”   He further stated “But we weren’t unprepared for this.”

“Election officials are taking extraordinary actions to ensure we can implement this law, and we have faced these type of challenges with recall elections, there was a lot of uncertainly with whether photo ID would be used in the recall elections.  We had to address those issues as well.”

Link to press conference at approximately 12:00 forward.

Guam PDN: Ron McNish on Political Status Questions


If elected leaders here in Guam wanted to really get a better deal for our citizens from the federal government, a strong domestic or internal process would be used. In all of the years I have looked at this, no leader has ever really taken this approach. Instead, everyone seems addicted to playing dress up with the United Nations and talking in a nonsense stilted language they feel the United Nations uses. The reality is that the game is with the federal government, not the United Nations.

There is a good chance that the Ninth Circuit Court will issue a ruling in the Davis case before the November elections. Will our elected leaders still try to keep the 5 percent happy or are they going to worry more about those in the 95-percent zone? Luckily, you can vote on what they say.

Three PA Elected Officials Charged With Voter Fraud Get Pretrial Diverson

Three elected officials charged with voter fraud in Pennsylvania won’t be facing prison, or even time.  They are moving into pre-trial diversion.  (Paywall).  I am curious to see if this barely reported case of voter fraud ever makes it onto one of the “academic” studies purporting to demonstrate very little voter fraud.  Those studies are characterized by false negatives.