“Voter Fraud Deniers Resurface Just Before Midterms”

Naming names:

“It is no coincidence that those most likely to suggest that voter fraud is purely imaginary are proponents of Democratic nominees. Maddow’s fellow MSNBC host, Al Sharpton, cheered on and even hugged voter fraud convict Melowese Richardson in March – Richardson worked at the polls in 2012 and voted both early and often for President Obama.”

Hagan Volunteer on Non-Citizen Voting: “I don’t think they are going to dig that deep into it.”

Antonio Finney could be describing the folks at the Brennan Center or in academia when it comes to voter fraud.  They just aren’t going to dig that deep into it.  Finney is a volunteer for Kay Hagan.  He was asked by someone purporting to be an illegal alien who wanted to vote for Hagan if it was ok to vote.  His response, caught on undercover camera, reveals the culture of lawlessness that surrounds some political operations.


Non Citizens Are Voting in American Elections

Strange that the chorus from academia seems more interested in debunking the evidence than addressing the problem.

O’Keefe had a Brazilian-born immigrant investigator of his pose as someone who wanted to vote but was not a citizen. Greg Amick, the campaign manager for the Democrat running for sheriff in Mecklenburg County (Charlotte), was only too happy to help.


DOJ Voting Rights “Con Job”

“It even includes cases where the DOJ wasn’t even a party but had filed a single amicus curiae (‘friend of the court’) brief,” they reported. “In other words, in these cases the DOJ did not, in its view, have a strong enough interest in protecting minority voting rights to do what it usually does in such cases – file a motion to intervene and become an actual party.”


“Voter ID Debate Is Really About 2000 Recount”


So while the case for photo ID is rather plain, the issue is caught up in pre-existing partisan passions. The irony is that photo ID may not, by itself, solve the problem of fraud. Though a recent study suggests that significant numbers of non-citizens vote (illegally), the researchers also conclude that photo ID would not be a deterrent. As GOP candidate for California Secretary of State Pete Peterson has pointed out, the greater problems with fraud occur with filing signatures and registration–i.e. long before voters cast their ballots.

And while Republicans have resisted nationalizing voting systems or ID documents, Democrats have also lacked the will to follow through on voting changes they once backed, such as Electoral College reform.

So the fight over photo ID remains frozen, emotionally, in the frustration and fear of that long Florida winter.

“The Voter-ID Myth Crashes”

Yes, non-citizens are voting in U.S. elections; yes, non-citizens’ illegal voting can change election outcomes; and yes, voter ID can prevent it.



A new academic paper published in the journal Electoral Studies provides evidence of voting by non-citizens that directly contradicts the Democrats’ “nothing to see here” mantra. Under the neutral headline “Do Non-Citizens Vote in U.S. Elections?” three professors from Virginia universities answer in the affirmative…

Studying survey responses, the authors judge that non-citizen voters tend to favor Democratic candidates by large margins…


It’s not surprising that the party favored by this illegal voting denies it exists and opposes any measures to prevent it, including verifying citizenship before adding voters to the rolls.  But voter ID laws alone won’t prevent non-citizens from voting:

Green-card holders and even illegal aliens get driver’s licenses. But that’s not an argument against voter ID. It’s an argument for issuing driver’s licenses that specify non-citizenship.

Paging Voter ID Alarmists: “Black disappointment with Obama threatens Democrats”

This is what opposition to Voter ID by the DOJ and the Democrats was designed to prevent: low minority turnout.  The entire Holder-DOJ narrative against voter ID was designed to trick minorities into thinking that their right to vote is threatened.  People aren’t buying the scare tactics, and they don’t seem to be working.

“We had this idea that once we got the first black president, all our problems would be solved,” said Aaron McKinney, a Miami community organizer. He walked around the Jackson Soul Food restaurant in Overtown one day recently urging people to vote.

“People are happy to see a black man as president, but people in this environment see no way out,” said Dorrell Brown, a Miami longshoreman. “This is what they’ve believed for a long time, and it’s not changing.”