Process: Want environmental regulations? Support Sensenbrenner Bill

Once again, the far left understands what some in the GOP do not.  This article plainly states that the way to enact broader environmental policies is to pass the Sensenbrenner bill to give Eric Holder more power over state elections.  How does this work?  Simple. The more power over state elections that the DOJ has, the easier it is to elect Democrats who support environmental policies sought by the left.

In our ever-browning America, empowering black and brown voters is absolutely necessary to make the transition to clean energy.

Notice the faith that is placed in the “ever browning” of America.  This is a meme repeated over and over, that a change in race will equal a change it politics.  It assumes a couple of things which may not be true.  First, it assumes that demographic trends are static.  They aren’t.  What happens one day may not happen the next.  It also assumes that coalitions have static goals.  They don’t todays allies are tomorrow’s enemies.  Yesterdays enemies are tomorrow’s allies.

Nevertheless, the important point cannot be lost: folks like Brentin Mock want the Sensenbrenner bill to give Washington more power over state elections to facilitate a broader progressive policy agenda.  This is something the other co-sponsors will be educated about as well as other GOP members making it even less likely this already stalled bill will pass.


New Mexico Secretary of State promotes voter ID and integrity of the voting process

New Mexico Secretary of State Diana Duran promotes voter ID and improving the integrity of the voting process.  Link to story, excerpt below.

Duran, 59, a Tularosa native, talked about the importance of maintaining a fair electoral process and the need to implement voter IDs to protect against voter fraud.  “I have been, and continue to be, a strong supporter of voter ID,” Duran said. “Voter IDs are critical but more importantly than that the integrity of the entire electoral process has been something that I’ve worked on for many years and will continue to push for.”  Duran said she believes a majority of New Mexicans support the notion of implementing voter IDs to ensure a lawful and trustworthy electoral process. “I don’t care if you’re democrat, republican or green or if you’re Hispanic,” she said. “I don’t care what your ethnicity is or your party is — you want to know that your vote is going to count and the only way is to have voter ID required.” Duran said since she took office in 2010 her priority has been correcting voting issues across the state.  “I believe that my duty to you is to ensure that we have integrity in the electoral process all the way from registering to vote, to going to vote, to counting those votes, to the canvass — from beginning to the end,” she said. “We should be ensuring integrity in the process.”

“Widespread or not, stopping voter fraud is essential for honest elections”

As with other forms of disenfranchisement, voter fraud doesn’t have to be common or widespread to be a serious matter.

The Washington Examiner undercuts arguments of voter fraud deniers who oppose election integrity measures:

But there is one sense in which hardly anyone denies that voter fraud is a serious problem: Every real vote canceled out or diluted by a fake one represents a voter disenfranchised — the rough equivalent of someone being intimidated out of casting a ballot.

Opponents of such measures as Voter I.D., proof of citizenship for registration and the purging of old voter lists argue that proven cases of voter fraud are rare.  And it is — even if the rare prosecuted cases represent a small fraction of real-life incidents, it would still be relatively uncommon.

Therefore, they argue, measures to combat fraud risk creating bigger problems than the ones they aim to solve. This argument is at least worth considering. But then, why does no one buy it, here or abroad?  Overwhelming majorities of Americans — including majorities of black, Hispanic and Democratic voters — support Voter I.D. laws. Voter I.D. is also the world standard, used in nearly every democracy except ours…

[Former Supreme Court Justice] Stevens affirmed that whether or not voter fraud is common, states have a legitimate interest in upholding not only the integrity of elections, but also the appearance of integrity.  It is this principle that both justifies and explains the need for anti-fraud measures…

Voter I.D. and other election laws aren’t the only anti-fraud measures available: 

One sure cure for voter fraud is having significantly more citizens participating in the nuts-and-bolts of elections.

“If they’re dead, then who voted?”

U-T Watchdog takes a look at San Diego County elections data and finds that the dead do vote, or rather, ballots are illegally cast in the names of deceased voters left on the county’s registration rolls, including one voter whose identity has been used to cast 14 fraudulent votes since her death.

Also found: multiple cases of not-nonexistent impersonation voter fraud.  Ballots were cast in person using the names of deceased voters – not difficult as no identification is required to vote in California.