Media Matters Rewarded With Election Administration Nomination

President Obama has nominated an official with Media Matters to a slot on the Election Assistance Commission.  The EAC assists states in administering federal elections.  Media Matters assists the White House in attacking political opponents.  It’s hard to see where the two overlap, except for raw political rewards.  The rank nature of the nomination is one reason the GOP now holds a 2-1 majority on the EAC as the Media Matters alum Matthew Butler is less likely to be approved absent a rough fight.  PJ Media has more at this Drudge linked story.

Philly D.A. charges Democrat state Reps Brown and Waters in cash-for-favors case

Waters and Brown admitted wrongdoing to a grand jury


The Pennsylvania bribery and corruption case “deep-sixed” by Democrat state Attorney General Kathleen Kane yielded grand jury indictments this week against two Democrat state legislators:


[State Rep. Ron] Waters, D-191, and state Rep. Vanessa Brown, D-190, both of Philadelphia, each were charged with criminal conspiracy, bribery in official and political matters, conflict of interest and for failing to make required disclosures on statements of financial interest.


Mug Shots-PA-Waters-Brown


Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams said both Brown and Waters “admitted wrongdoing to a grand jury,” which included agreeing to vote against the state’s Voter ID bill and other political favors in exchange for cash.


D.A. Williams says Kane “cold-cased” the original investigation after accusing it of being racially motivated:


Williams said Kane dropped the case at “precisely the point where the evidence was complete and compelling. If anything was flawed, it was the attorney general’s work… As an African-American, as a law-enforcement official, I was disgusted that the attorney general would bring racism into this case. It’s like pouring gasoline on a fire.”

Eric Holder wants to create a “Center for Justice and Reconciliation”

To improve race relations that have degraded during the term of President Obama and Attorney General Holder to its lowest in a decade, the soon-to-be former Attorney General wants to now create a Center for Justice and Reconciliation to continue the racial policies politics of the last 8 years.

Excerpt of story: Holder wants to keep the difficult conversations about race relations going through the creation of a “Center for Justice and Reconciliation,” an institute, he told me, “that deals with the problems of law enforcement and community relations, you know, the thing we’re working on right now.”  A “Holder Institute” would be a natural component of a Barack Obama presidential library and museum; something, it seems to me, for the Chicago-based Barack Obama Foundation to consider as it evaluates the four bids for the project it received last week.


Federal Court in TX “Made Winners out of Losers”


Lawyers for the state of Texas have accused a federal district judge of wrongfully awarding “a consolation prize” of more than $1 million in attorney fees to groups that challenged the state’s redistricting plans.

The challengers, which included Texas state legislators, voters and civil rights organizations, argued that they were entitled to the money because a court found that the redistricting plans ran afoul of the federal Voting Rights Act. Texas argued it was the winner because the U.S. Supreme Court in 2013 struck down a section of the voting rights law that required the state to go to the court for approval in the first place.