“Another Voter Fraud Arrest in Texas Border County from 2012 Democratic Primaries”


One of the defendants has been identified as Jose Angel Garza. He was formally charged on a five count indictment on the charge of tampering with a marked ballot. Rafael Angel Elizondo has been charged with one count of the same charge for an offense that allegedly took place in July 2012, the information provided to Breitbart Texas revealed.


Two more voter fraud indictments in South Texas

Two men were indicted on felony charges during an ongoing voter fraud investigation in Cameron County.  Jose Angel Garza, 37, was arrested on five counts of tampering with a marked ballot, the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office said in a news release.

Mug Shots-TX-Cameron-Garza


Rafael Angel Elizondo was indicted on one count but not yet arrested. 


The pair is accused of voter fraud committed during the Democratic Primary Runoff Election back on July 31, 2012…”

Some Want to Constitutionalize the Right to Vote

Here’s a paper (in an academic site) about the effort to constitutionalize the right to vote.  Creating a constitutional right to vote would wipe out rules against felon voting in prison, wipe about voter ID, potentially wipe out precincts, advance voter registration, and create meddlesome tinkering with district lines.  That, of course, means that the people in favor of voting in prison, opposed to voter ID, against voter registration and forever looking to tinker with district lines are naturally the forces behind the federal constitutional right to vote.

Voting free from race and gender discrimination is already a federal constitutional right.  The general right to vote is not in the text of the constitution.  That’s what allows states to place reasonable voting regulations in place like advance voter registration, precincts, and other residency and citizenship requirements.  It would give rise to potential lawsuits that would allow the slightest barrier to voting to be struck down – such as being in prison for felony voter fraud.

Missouri House overwhelmingly passes Voter ID measures

The Missouri House passed two measures Thursday that would make Missouri the 32nd state to actively require some sort of identification to vote.”


HJR1, a constitutional amendment requiring voter approval, allows the state to adopt a photo voter ID requirement, and HB30 spells out implementation details, including providing for free state IDs and free birth certificates as needed.


“The Joint Resolution passed by a vote of 118-39 and the House bill passed by a 118-37 margin.”




Campaign Finance/Citizens United: Voters Don’t Care

It seems only academics and activists (but I repeat myself) seem to care about campaign finance issues and “money in politics.”  The inordinate focus on campaign finance and “dark money” has been a topic of conversation at the meetings at the Democratic National Committee meetings this week.  It turns out voters don’t care, the dark money fear mongering message doesn’t penetrate, and the Democrats are moving on.  The Washington Times:


And Ken Martin, chairman of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, said campaign finances issues were “inside baseball.”  “Americans are focused on bread and butter issues and could care less about who is funding the campaigns,” he said. Mr. Martin, who leads the campaign finance reform committee for the Association of State Democratic Chairs, said that the effect of money in politics was an important issue but “people don’t care.”

More on Rick Scott’s Refusal to Pursue Appeal of Outlier Opinion on Alien Voting

John Fund: “After years of legal battles between the governor’s office and the Obama administration, a federal-appeals-court panel issued an astonishing ruling last November. It forbade Florida from removing aliens here illegally and other non-citizens from its voter rolls in the 90 days prior to a federal election. Because Florida has a September primary, that means it would be effectively blocked from cleaning its voter rolls after early June of any election year. The panel overturned District Judge William Zloch’s earlier ruling, which had concluded that such an interpretation would “stand in direct contravention of Florida law [and] produce an absurd result.”

“Great Scott?! What is the Florida Governor Thinking?”

PJ Media: “Florida Governor Rick Scott has opened the door to illegal aliens voting in Florida elections.  He has decided that Florida will not appeal a ruling that limited the state’s ability to remove illegal aliens and non-citizens from Florida’s voter rolls.  Even Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi opposes Scott’s abandonment of the appeal.”