Indiana investigating possibly illegal voter registrations

“Secretary of State Connie Lawson is investigating ‘a significant number’ of Hoosier voters who may illegally be using mailbox stores, instead of their home addresses, on voter registration records.”


The state has identified a total of 731,585 inaccurate voter registration records during its recent voter list maintenance efforts.

“Cracking Down on Voter Fraud” in Iowa

A Cedar Rapids man is accused of voting three times in the November 2012 election.  Linn County prosecutors say Clarence Ellis admitted casting absentee ballots for two other family members, a felony.  Video.


Earlier this month, Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz announced the conviction of a Muscatine County woman for “registering to vote and voting in the 2012 general election while being a non-citizen.”  Mayra Alejandra Lopez Morales pleaded her felony charge down to a misdemeanor and was sentenced to unsupervised probation.

Illegal voter in Nevada sentenced to time served

Another “irrational” fraudster commits “nonexistent” voter fraud. Twice.


Hortencia Segura-Munoz is an “illegal voter” twice over: She’s in the country illegally, and she illegally “registered to vote in Washoe County under a false name and cast ballots in the 2008 and 2010 Nevada elections.”


Segura-Munoz pleaded down two felony voter fraud charges to a misdemeanor and was sentenced to time served.

Texas Voter ID opponents not entitled to attorneys’ fees



“[T]his case did not become moot and Texas never changed its endorsement of SB 14. The state of Texas simply appealed until it won and the three-judge panel decision barring SB 14 was vacated. The Court concludes that the Kennie Intervenors’ prevailing-party status did not survive the Supreme Court’s vacatur of the three-judge panel’s decision denying preclearance.”

“Federal Court Smacks Down Eric Holder’s Attack on NC Voter ID”

“Hans von Spakovsky, former DOJ voting official says it is going to be a very bad weekend for lawyers at the Justice Department Voting Section. “Eric Holder has been beaten now twice in the Carolinas on voter ID. Today’s ruling shows just how wrong he is when it comes to election law.”

Former DOJ Voting Section Chief Christopher Coates said, “The North Carolina decision is similar to the South Carolina case the Department of Justice lost in 2012.  Both cases were insubstantial and should not have been brought.”

Full story.

Soros Funded Sock Puppet Conservative Groups for Speech Regulation

Watchdog has the story on the “CINO’s.”

In an inquiry letter to Hull, Cydnee Dubrof, managing director of the executive search firm, wrote that the Fund for the Republic and the Campaign Legal Center are “helping to incubate a new organization … that will provide conservative leadership and direction with regard to money in politics.”

But the two incubating organizations operate with the assistance of a lot of left-leaning money.