“York County rep faces opposition against same-day voter registration “

It’s no wonder, with a pitch like this:


If it doesn’t take 30 days to get a sandwich made-to-order, it shouldn’t take 30 days to process a voter registration form.


That’s one York County legislator’s take on same-day voter registration, under which people could turn out at the polls the same day as an election, register on the spot and cast a vote… Under Schreiber and Bizzarro’s proposal for Pennsylvania, voters could register on Election Day at the polling place for their residence.


Republicans are concerned that the Democrats’ proposal “opens the door” for voter fraud:


Rep. Seth Grove, R-Dover Township, said same-day registration is unlikely to gain any traction this term, especially in the absence of secure voter ID.

Texas Senator Cornyn: “Holder has harassed voter ID states”

One of the Republican witnesses in a panel scheduled for Thursday will be Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of Houston-based True the Vote, a group that promotes more stringent voter ID laws. Engelbrecht’s was among the groups reportedly subjected to additional IRS scrutiny.  Cornyn accused Holder of having “harassed” states like Texas that have tried to tighten voter ID requirements.  Link

NC Senator Tillis: “DOJ Photo ID Litigation Waste of Resources”

One of the newest members of the U.S. Senate suggested Wednesday that he did not think the Department of Justice’s decision to sue him was a wise use of its resources. 

…In questioning Lynch on Wednesday, Tillis indicated that he didn’t think the Justice Department’s “limited resources” should have been used to challenge the law, which he said he believes will ultimately be upheld. DOJ lawyers should go after the “bad actors, the hardened criminals,” he said, and not him and the state of North Carolina.

“I would hope that there would be some focus on, ‘Is that the best or highest use [of DOJ personnel],”’ Tillis said.


“DOJ is deeply politicized”

Sen. Charles Grassley, the Iowa Republican and committee chairman, said as much in the opening moments of the hearing. He said the department is “deeply politicized. But that’s what happens when the attorney general of the United States views himself, in his own words, as the president’s ‘wingman.'” AP News