Virginia: “Election Officials find minimal challenges after Voter ID rules”

NBC29Virginia election officials say the new voter ID rules have been a success so far.   At the State Board of Elections meeting Wednesday afternoon, the chairperson said the most recent special elections highlighted the success of the updated rules. The new requirement of having voters present a photo ID presented minimal challenges at the polls this month, but new incidents of alleged voter fraud in Fairfax County also came up in the meeting.

“Sotomayor’s Politicization of Justice”

RNLA Blogspot:

Ed Whelan adds:

How strange that Sotomayor, in a betrayal of the ethic of judicial independence, should be so concerned about re-positioning herself with those who were disappointed by her Fisher vote. How telling that Ginsburg would eagerly accommodate her—and not feel any embarrassment at revealing the fact.

Relatedly: A D.C. lawyer tells me that he was jarred to hear Sotomayor, in a private conversation, refer to lefty Hispanic groups as “my [i.e., Sotomayor’s] constituents.” A more blatantly political view of the judicial role is difficult to imagine.

“Washington Post Covers Voter Fraud Inaccurately and Incompletely”

PJ Tatler: “Sometimes voter fraud deniers are forced to discuss the truth of voter fraud.  This happened today at the Washington Post. (“Fairfax officials say some people may have crossed Va.-Md. line to vote twice in 2012.”)  While the Post deserves credit from emerging from its cocoon of voter fraud denial, it deserves scorn for bungling the emergence.

Reporter Susan Svrluga notes that “tens of thousands of voters” were registered to cast ballots in both Virginia and Maryland.  That’s true, and it is a big problem nationwide.  Hundreds of thousands of people are registered to vote in multiple states, and many of them have voted.

It wasn’t Eric Holder’s Justice Department that discovered the problem.  That won’t happen because as I reported at PJ Media in 2010, Obama political appointees expressly shut down the efforts at DOJ to detect this sort of fraud and inadequate voter roll maintenance.”

Democrats Sued in Virginia to Block Cross State Double Voting Check

“Purging voter rolls, however, can. Yet when the State Board of Elections took steps last year to clean up the voter rolls and asked localities to remove names of those no longer eligible from the rolls, the state Democratic Party sought an injunction to stop the process, and Chesterfield’s registrar, Lawrence Haake, declined to participate, citing inaccuracies. Haake might have been justified, and the board might have pushed too hard to execute what should be a painstaking process. But when those particular concerns are set aside, the general point stands: Localities should keep their voting rolls as up to date as reasonably possible.”




“Will Holder do anything about double voting in 2012 Presidential election?”

Signs point to no.  National Review:

“Will Eric Holder, Mark Herring, or Commonwealth attorney Raymond Morrogh do anything about this voter fraud? Or will they ignore it like both Holder and Morrogh did before? After all, Holder claims that efforts to curb voter fraud are merely attempts to deprive individuals of their right to vote — or in this case, their right to vote twice.”