The NAACP’s feeble agenda: “Black Leaders in Vegas discuss turnout, ID laws”

With Black unemployment and poverty at records levels, gun violence sweeping major cities like Chicago, the NAACP has their anti anti agenda.  The NAACP is simply a wing of the Democratic GOTV operation.  Turnout and voter ID.   There doesn’t appear to be a robust agenda to actually help Black citizens.

LAS VEGAS – Civil rights leaders at the NAACP annual convention in Las Vegas on Tuesday worried that dwindling African-American turnout in November could lead to the expansion of voter-identification laws that make it harder for that community to vote in subsequent contests.


Newsflash to State Election Officials: “No Legal Authority for DOJ to enter State polling places”

CNN has the story about how DOJ poll watching has been reduced to a trickle of activity. Attorney General Holder’s overreaching and overbearing intrusions on the federal level resulted in the pushback by the Supreme Court on giving DOJ authorization to place observers in state polling places.  There is no trust of the current leadership of the DOJ by state officials.  The politicization of the electoral process by the DOJ for Democratic mischief priorities has resulted in the current situation.  This article is a public service announcement to inform Governor and Secretary of State offices across the country that they no longer need give free access to federal DOJ attorneys in their polling places.

For the first time in decades, voters in Georgia are going to the polls Tuesday without the chance of having Justice Department observers inside their polling places.
CNN has learned that’s because Justice Department lawyers in recent months have determined they no longer have legal authority to unilaterally assign poll observers after the Supreme Court ruling invalidating key sections of the Voting Rights Act.
The department has suspended posting observers inside polling stations except for in nine jurisdictions in seven states covered by separate court orders, government officials tell CNN. The internal legal finding hadn’t been made public before. Observers had the authority to be inside polling places, and the department may still send monitors who keep an eye outside polling precincts. A spokeswoman for the Justice Department’s civil rights division declined to comment. The department has been sending election day poll observers and monitors to some Georgia counties since at least 1966, a year after the landmark civil rights law authorized it. The observers were there to document any interference or intimidation against voters, usually racial minorities in areas with a history of discrimination.

IRS Speech Regulators “Overwhelmingly Opposed”

“People don’t want the IRS to act as the speech police.”

Overwhelming opposition:

87 percent of concerned individuals sampled and 97 percent of organizations, nonprofit experts, and public officials oppose to varying degrees IRS regulations limiting the speech rights of societally important social welfare organizations, according to a new report from the Center for Competitive Politics (CCP).

“People don’t want the IRS to act as the speech police. Opposition to these IRS regulations may be the only issue that can unite left and right as well as trade groups and trade unions.”

The first draft of 501(c)(4) speech-stifling rules drew record-breaking public opposition across a broad political spectrum for a multitude of reasons, but overriding all these has to be the overwhelming public distrust of the IRS in the wake of its ongoing targeting scandal.

PolitiFact: “Strict Voter ID Does Not Impact Black Voter Turnout”

PolitiFact: Despite Democrats claiming that voter ID laws suppress the black vote, black turnout exceeded white turnout for the first time ever in 2012.

The Census reports that in these states, black voter rates in the 2012 elections were just as high if not higher than white voter rates:

Missouri: Black voter turnout higher by more than 6.0 percent*

Tennessee: Black voter turnout higher by more than 6.0 percent

Georgia: Black voter turnout higher by 0 to 5.9 percent

Indiana: Black voter turnout higher by 0 to 5.9 percent

Virginia: Black voter turnout higher by 0 to 5.9 percent*

Arkansas: Voter turnout not statistically different*

Kansas: Voter turnout not statistically different

Texas: Voter turnout not statistically different*

(* indicates that voter ID laws were not in effect in 2012)

So even with the voter ID laws, black voter turnout was higher than white voter turnout nationally and in the states with the strictest voting laws. 

UPDATE: NM state Rep’s Democrat primary challenge citing voter fraud set for Aug. 15 court date

With a new lawyer on board, state Rep. Mary Helen Garcia is going ahead with her lawsuit claiming voter fraud in the June 3 primary election that had her losing to Bealquin “Bill” Gomez by 16 votes.  The court date is now Aug. 15 for the case to be heard by District Judge James Martin, Garcia said.

Garcia’s challenge was prompted by an unusually high number of absentee ballots – many from Sunland Park, which has a history of voter fraud – cast disproportionately for her District 34 Democratic primary opponent Gomez.  At least 17 of the 58 absentee ballots examined by a handwriting expert were “highly questionable.”

Some absentee ballots, according to Housley, have different handwriting for the signatures given on the ballot and outer envelope. In some cases, Housley found the names misspelled at the two places signatures are given… On at least six ballots, there is date in which the number 8 more resembled the letter “B,” indicating the dates were written by the same person, Garcia said.

Garcia, who chairs New Mexico’s House Voters and Elections Committee, says “she wants the case to illustrate weaknesses in the state election code.”