Arizona House panel passes bill to cut fraud-prone ballot harvesting

A bill to curtail ballot harvesting – and the potential voter fraud that comes with it – passed Arizona’s House Appropriations Committee.  Senate Bill 1339 makes it a felony for anyone other than a family or household member, caregiver, or candidate to collect more than two early ballots from voters during a two-year election cycle.

Georgia Democratic Candidate for Governor Jason Carter compares “Citizens United” to the racial segregation of “Plessy v. Ferguson”

In a speech before the American Constitution Society, Georgia state Senator Jason Carter, a left wing lawyer and activist politician, compared the Supreme Court opinion in  “Citizens United” to Plessy v. Ferguson, the case that institutionalized racial segregation in the South, including the State of Georgia.  He hesitated a moment before going down this road, knowing he might get in hot water for making such an offensive comparison.   Carter was the Democratic nominee for Governor in Georgia.

Yes, a fairly disgusting comparison coming from a liberal that can raise more money than 99% of his fellow politicians simply based on his last name and Daddy’s success, not to mention the comparison is offensive considering the racial history in Georgia.   He knew what he was doing. He wanted to shock and offend anyone that might disagree with him.

Link to video of speech at approximately 23:30.

Voter Integrity Win in Wisconsin

Hans von Spakovsky writing for the Daily SignalGreat news  for those interested in election integrity and common sense reforms like voter ID: The Supreme Court today removed the final legal obstacle to implementing Wisconsin’s voter ID law. The Court refused to hear the American Civil Liberties Union’s appeal of a Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals decision that threw out the injunction issued against the state’s ID law by federal district court Judge Lynn Adelman.

Alabama dispatching Quick Response Team to monitor Baldwin County election Tuesday

Eyes and ears on the ground”:


Responding to “numerous questions or concerns,” Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill’s office will “dispatch an Election Quick Response Team to monitor the Special School Tax Referendum Election in Baldwin County on Tuesday, March 31, 2015.”


Earlier this month, the state launched the Alabama Election Fairness Project to investigate and prosecute voter fraud and other illegal election activity. The Secretary of State’s office also maintains a dedicated Voter Fraud Unit that handles complaints.

“Voter ID: A case reaffirmed”

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld yet another state’s voter ID law by refusing to hear an appeal, liberals should get the message that their false narrative about such laws suppressing the votes of impoverished, minority and young Americans — groups more inclined to vote Democrat — doesn’t pass constitutional muster.

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Wisconsin clerks not worried about new voter ID law

Village Clerk Jane Romanowski in Pleasant Prairie and City Clerk Debra Salas in Kenosha are taking the on-off-on-again starts and stops in stride.  “We have had elections with and without photo ID,” Romanowski said. “So, it is just a matter of implementing once again the processes we had in place and educating the electors. No additional staff will be required.”

Said Salas: “Many changes have occurred in the way elections are conducted over recent years. Staff and election inspectors have had some experience with the photo ID law. We plan to continue to provide information, education and training to ensure a smooth transition into this process as we have with other changes.” “Logistics relating to photo ID have been in place, ready to go,” Salas added.

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“Shameful”: New Jersey judge finds local Democratic chairwoman took advantage of nursing home voters

In a rare move, a Superior Court judge this week threw out the November election results for a City Council seat, ordering a new election after finding that the city’s Democratic chairwoman took advantage of elderly nursing home residents.


Among the residents whose mail-in ballots were thrown out Wednesday by Judge Heidi Currier was a blind man, a resident who couldn’t recall either her address or having voted, and others who testified that Leslie Dominguez-Rodriguez coerced them…


The judge said the fraud “went far beyond a technical violation” and was “pervasive and far reaching and likely not just limited to these individuals whose ballots have been contested.”   The 13 ballots invalidated exceeded the margin of victory in the contested Perth Amboy election.


“It’s shameful that these residents were taken advantage of by an individual who had a direct personal interest in this election [and who] either used her influence over these residents or took advantage of their waning competence,” Currier said.

“Merrill: It is time to strengthen Connecticut’s election system”

Why can 49 other states have one professional in charge of elections locally but not Connecticut?


Secretary of State Denise Merrill makes the case for professional election administrators:


As municipal employees, these registrars could be required to be certified and undergo yearly training, and face real consequences for not following state election laws — like losing their jobs…


Twice in the last four years Connecticut has been nationally ridiculed for serious election administration failures that disenfranchised voters in Bridgeport and Hartford.  Yet the registrars whose failures led to that disenfranchisement, including one who is under criminal investigation for voter fraud, still sit in positions of authority running elections in those two communities. Under our current structure, any town could be the next Hartford or Bridgeport.