Professor: Voter ID “great embarrassment” to Ohio

Leave it to the academy to overstate the case.  A professor at Ohio State has deemed a bill to require photo identification in Ohio “yet another great embarrassment for our state.”  Voter ID, an embarrassment?

Ohio should be more embarrassed about
what happened in 2008 with voter fraud because of legal changes which the professor supported that resulted in illegal voting from people who did not live in Ohio.  They were allowed to register and vote on the same day.  The professor makes no mention whatsoever of this genuine embarrassment for Ohio.  He makes no mention of the guilty pleas of Amy Little of New York who worked for the Obama campaign and illegally registered and voted in Ohio.  The professor doesn’t mention the embarrassing case of Yolanda Hippensteele who worked for the Obama campaign and also illegally registered and voted on the same day using this scheme the professor supported along with Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner.  In fact, the good professor called opposition to the embarrassing scheme “blatant voter suppression.”  Remember that term, “voter suppression,” for it is often a smokescreen used to hide actual voter fraud from scrutiny, as it was in Ohio in 2008.  The professor makes no mention of the embarrassing case of Daniel Hausman of New York (another Obama campaign volunteer) who entered a guilty plea to illegally registering and voting on the same day in 2008. 

Indeed, Ohio certainly has some things to be embarrassed about, but a voter ID bill hardly tops the list.

One thought on “Professor: Voter ID “great embarrassment” to Ohio

  1. Chy6599

    There is more than enough evidence of election fraud that the election of B. Obama should be nullified, or at least be investigated at once, particularly in light of this Nazi’s remarks. I think John Loftus is right. They DID import a helluva lot of nazis. These blatant violations of our Constitutional rights are bad enough; but this entire government stinks like a three-week-old corpse. There is nothing but outright thuggery from the top on down. I like my idea. We force Washington D.C. to secede, and start a new government. To hell with them all. They’re a city-state anyway, and seeing as how the U.S. has corporation papers, all we’d have to do, mebbe, s change the name of the prime entity, and make up new incorporation papers, etc., and voila: new country. Hee-hee! I’m probably wrong about that, but it’s a pretty good idea, anyway. I’m tired of robbers and thieves, not to say thugs and murderers trying to arbitrate our morality. Ha! It’s like the devil trying to teach catechism. Ain’t gonna work.

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