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Felon Voting Helps One Party

Walter Williams has this take on felon voting in this week’s column:

“But I would be willing to bet a lot of money that most of the assaults, rapes and murders of women are done by people who identify as liberals or Democrats, particularly in the cases of murderers. Most crime, except perhaps white-collar crime, is committed by people who vote Democratic. Therefore, it’s not surprising that former Attorney General Eric Holder, President Barack Obama and their liberal Democratic partners want to end laws that prevent felons and ex-felons from voting. Felons and ex-felons are seen as an important part of their party’s constituency.”

National Interest: Baltimore Mobs and Civil Rights

My latest at the National Interest:

“The legal system has the tools to deal with police brutality, but a destructive mob seeking to delegitimize that process is a whirlwind that threatens the rule of law and civil rights. . . .

If Attorney General Loretta Lynch wanted to differentiate herself quickly from her predecessor, she would also investigate and prosecute those who engaged in the racially motivated attacks on citizens during the riots while she investigates the death of Freddie Gray. That would be one way to bring Americans together, rather than continue policies of division.”

“Holder’s Legacy Of Politicization”

Investors Business Daily:

The supposedly apolitical attorney general rejected his own inspector general’s recommendation against hiring lawyers from left-wing civil rights groups, such as the Students of Color Coalition, the Black Organization of Soul Sisters, the Poverty and Race Research Action Council, the Workers’ Center of Racial Justice and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

Yet Holder has the gall to claim in a “legacy” video posted on Justice’s website, “Attorney General Eric Holder: People’s Attorney,” that he “depoliticized Justice Department hiring practices.”

Holder’s Legacy: Racialism and Radicalism

The Washington Times series on Eric Holder today also includes my contribution with a nice graphic the Times artists prepared.  “Race Was Always the Core of His Agenda“.

washington times department  of justice logo“Mr. Holder’s opposition to election integrity demonstrates the confluence of race and politics. He conjured all of the morally sacred language of the civil rights movement in the 1960s and employed it recklessly against voter ID.

He compared voter ID to a poll tax, even though courts had specifically rejected such a false comparison.

Just before Christmas in 2011, black voters were unexcited about Mr. Obama. So Mr. Holder launched a government-driven campaign against voter ID in South Carolina and activated a moribund political base for the president’s re-election. Without a racially polarized and activated base, Mr. Obama could not have won in 2012.

Mr. Holder was an attorney general not beyond using scare tactics against minorities to win re-election.

His scare tactics and bullying showed up again in places like Sanford, Florida, and Ferguson, Missouri. . . .”

Washington Times on Eric Holder Legacy

The Washington Times today has featured Eric Holder’s legacy.  A number of Justice Department experts have pieces cataloging the legacy of the newly departed Eric Holder.  Here is the contribution of Hans von Spakovsky and John Fund:

“The politically motivated hiring in the civil service ranks that has gone on in parts of the Justice Department, such as the Civil Rights Division, guarantees that radical ideologues will continue to permeate the department for years to come. As former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy has said, under Eric Holder the Justice Department has become a “full employment program for progressive activists, race-obsessed bean counters (redundant, I know), and lawyers who volunteered their services during the Bush years to help al Qaeda operatives file lawsuits against the United States.”

DHS Rushes to Add 9,000,000 Aliens as Citizen Voters by 2016

My Drudge-linked piece on the rush to add new voters by 2016:

“President Obama’s amnesty by edict has always been about adding new Democrats to the voter rolls, and recent action by the Department of Homeland Security provides further proof. Sources at the Department of Homeland Security report to PJ Media that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is reallocating significant resources away from a computer system — the “Electronic Immigration System” — to sending letters to all 9,000,000 green card holders urging them to naturalize prior to the 2016 election.

This effort is part of the DHS “Task Force on New Americans.”

PJ Media has obtained an internal “Dear Colleague” letter written by Leon Rodriguez, the “director and co-chair of the Task Force on New Americans.”