“Loretta Lynch Should Stand Up for the Voting Rights of Every Citizen, Regardless of Race”

Ironic that the Voting Section told the Inspector General that the DOJ didn’t get involved in Guam because the case might not be ripe.  It will be interesting to see what the DOJ does now.  If the past is any indication, protecting voting rights is not an equal opportunity exercise at the Obama Justice Department.  National Review covers the hypocrisy:

“A May 8 decision of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has given new attorney general Loretta Lynch her first public test: Will she break from Eric Holder’s policies by enforcing voting-rights law on a race-neutral basis, as Congress intended, or will she continue Holder’s non-neutral enforcement policy?”

Court Takes Evenwell on Using Alien Population in Redistricting

The Supreme Court will decide whether a state, as Texas does, can use illegal alien and resident alien population in apportioning political power in legislative redistricting.  The decision will have a profound effect on politics.  Here is the ACRU brief explaining how the Justice Department already exclusively uses citizenship data in redistricting lawsuits.

My Voter ID Op Ed at Las Vegas Review Journal

I have this op ed published at the Las Vegas Review Journal today:

Nevada might soon become the 35th state to pass a law requiring voters to show some form of identification at the polls, and that’s a good thing.

If these proposals (Assembly Bill 253 or Assembly Bill 266) become law, voting would join many other activities for which you need to prove your identity in Nevada, such as buying a gun, opening a bank account, or getting married. Clark County Clerk Lynn Marie Goya currently requires similar documents for every couple seeking to get married. Nevada already requires first-time voters who registered by mail to prove their identity with photo ID.

Nobody complains about these requirements. So why not make sure voters are who they say they are and enact voter ID?

Voting is one of the most precious rights we have as citizens. Perhaps that is why Americans continue overwhelmingly to support voter ID requirements. A recent poll found that 70 percent of registered voters are in favor of identification laws. Support is not limited to Republicans; rather, it is present across all racial and political spectrums. A majority of black, Hispanic and Democrat respondents indicated support for voter ID.

Yet a small but vocal minority oppose voter ID and claim such laws disenfranchise voters.

Reality, however, has proved otherwise.

(Full op ed at link above).



Philadelphia Election Officials Charged With Voter Fraud

Multiple voting:

On the night before Philly’s primary, four local election officials are accused of casting extra votes in order to balance their numbers.

Sandra Lee, 60, Alexia Harding, 22, James Collins, 69, and Gregory Thomas, 60, are all charged with voter fraud. Warrants for their arrests were issued Monday. All four suspects were election officials from Philly’s 18th Ward, 1st Division. 

“Non-Citizen Deported for Voting in American Elections”

More proof that the EAC needs to defer to states who have citizenship qualifications. PJ:

Last week, the Department of Justice Board of Immigration Appeals upheld a decision to deport Margarita Del Pilar Fitzpatrick for voting in a federal election. Fitzpatrick registered to vote in Illinois using the federal “Motor Voter” registration form.

Fitzpatrick’s criminal act is one more example demonstrating that non-citizens voting in American elections is not a myth. The opinion by the Board of Immigration appeals stated:

On August 5, 2005, she applied for an Illinois driver’s license and signed a voter registration application in which she checked a box indicating that she was a United States citizen.

Fitzpatrick was caught by pure accident. When she submitted her application for naturalization in 2007, she indicated on the form that she had registered to vote and had voted in a U.S. election. DHS opened an investigation proceeding based only upon her voluntary red flag. (By law, voting by a noncitizen is a deportable offense, and there is no intent requirement: it doesn’t matter whether the person knew what they were doing was illegal.) Of course, most illegal foreign voters never admit that they have voted. Fitzpatrick would otherwise have never been caught, and she was only caught several years after her illegal vote was counted as legal.