“Can Eric Holder Name a Single Minority Official His DOJ Helped to Elect?”

“Eric Holder’s Voting Section has become a fully integrated wing of the Democratic National Committee.  It is skilled at generating headlines and mobilizing voters, but not so skilled at actually helping minorities get elected.  Zachary Roth has this piece over at MSNBC containing grumbles that the Holder DOJ is afraid to sue and do hard litigation against localities under the Voting Rights Act.  A comparison with the Bush administration voting rights record demonstrates that even the MSNBC broken clock is right twice a day.

Under Eric Holder, the Justice Department has adopted a headline grabbing model of voting rights enforcement.  The cases are attention grabbing.  They are designed to mobilize voters ahead of an election.  And winning doesn’t matter as much as generating headlines and mobilizing minority voters.  It is a community activist model of law enforcement.

Consider South Carolina Voter ID.  . . . So let’s meet some of the minority elected officials who owe their election to the tough litigation brought by the Bush Justice Department.  I’m keen to learn if the Holder DOJ can point to a single success story like these in six years.”  Full story here.