Chairman Questions Loretta Lynch on New Black Panthers and Race Neutral Enforcement by Voting Section

Chairman Grassley’s written questions for Loretta Lynch contained this sequence:

28. In 2008, the Justice Department brought suit against the New Black Panther Party and
two of its members for voter intimidation. The defendants did not contest the claims. But
when the Obama Administration took over, they would not allow career litigators to
move for a default judgment. The career litigators have stated that political appointees
would not allow a case to be brought against Black citizens for intimidation of White
voters. Internal investigations of misconduct have led nowhere after all these years. The
Civil Rights Commission has criticized the Department for not cooperating with its
investigation into the matter.

a. If confirmed, will you conduct a thorough and fair investigation of this matter and
apply any appropriate disciplinary action? [ELC note: Steve Rosenbaum would be on the clock.]

RESPONSE: I am not personally familiar with the details of this case. My general
understanding is that there have been extensive internal Department reviews of this case, but I
am not personally familiar with those reviews or their outcome. If I am confirmed as Attorney
General, I will ensure there has been a fair and impartial consideration of the results of those
internal reviews, and will take any appropriate action based on that consideration.

b. Is it your position that the Voting Rights Act applies in a race neutral way to voter

RESPONSE: If I am confirmed as Attorney General, I am committed to enforcing all the
federal laws within the Department’s jurisdiction, including the Voting Rights Act Act, according to
their specific terms and applicable case law, in an even-handed manner.