Crickets from “Scholars” on Pam Karlan’s False Scholarship

My book Injustice was published sixteen months ago.  In it I documented the false scholarship of Stanford Law Professor Pam Karlan and her false statements in a Duke Law journal about the Bush administration civil rights enforcement records.  These weren’t differences of opinion, these were outright falsehoods. They were published in Pamela S. Karlan, “Lessons Learned: Voting Rights and the Bush Administration,” 4 Duke J. Const. L. & Pub. Pol’y 17 (2009).

I even testified to the House Judiciary Committee about her false scholarship.

Almost a month ago, I asked the question: Do Any Law Professors Have the Guts to Call Out Karlan’s False Scholarship?

Now we know the answer: No, they have no guts. 

Not a one of all the “scholars” who place such value on accurate scholarship, thorough recounting of history, or even whether someone will give up a grand jury report, have called Karlan out.  That’s the state of the academy: a small cloistered echo chamber where the same dozen people appear at conferences and speak to the same two dozen and a smattering of captive students about the world as they see it.  One thing is for sure, making up outright falsehoods won’t result in your eviction from the echo chamber.  Lying about the Bush administration won’t get you ejected from the left wing election law echo chamber, it will elevate you to Queen of the Chamber.