Ooops: VRAA Captures Virginia For Federal Election Control

My latest at PJ Media:

“Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner has introduced legislation which would have the effect of placing all of Virginia’s election laws under Justice Department oversight, and Virginia isn’t the only state that would fall into federal election receivership….

Virginia satisfies Sensenbrenner’s new triggers. Remember, under Sensenbrenner’s proposal, one statewide violation and four violations by any local or county government trigger federal oversight, including past administrative objections by the attorney general. Five strikes, and you’re in.

Here are the cases which would capture Virginia for Justice Department control . .  . .

Presto — Virginia would fall under federal control, and the Department of Justice bureaucrats would leverage federal power over every election in the state. Virginia faces this perverse outcome: a plan created black-majority congressional districts so that the Justice Department would approve the plan, then a federal court finds (after the Shelby ruling struck down the DOJ power) that creating those black-majority districts violates the law, and that violation will be used to place Virginia back under federal control.

Virginia has suffered constitutional whiplash, and Sensenbrenner’s bill would keep it going.”

It’s pretty clear the advocates of the VRAA bill didn’t count on it capturing Virginia, especially under such constitutionally dubious circumstances of partial coverage morphing into full coverage after Virginia was cited as the bailout darling.

The proposed VRAA the civil rights industry has drafted finds a way to screw the home states of four key Republican leaders who stand in the way of the proposal: Speaker Boehner, Rep. Steve Chabot, Rep. Trent Franks and Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte.  The VRAA proponents get an F for strategic thinking.