“Resisting the siren song of voting-rights ‘reform’”

Proposed “reform” legislation H.R. 3899, the Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2014, codifies rather than prevents racial discrimination:


One of the more alarming aspects of the Sensenbrenner bill is that it not only lays the groundwork to give Mr. Holder and future attorneys general blanket authority to interfere with state election laws nationwide, it also would insert racial discrimination explicitly into the nation’s most important federal voting-rights law.


The bill’s “stated purpose is to prevent racial discrimination, but it would force racial gerrymandering, make race the predominant factor in the election process, and advance the partisan interests of one political party,” Mr. von Spakovsky writes in a Heritage Foundation Talking Points paper.


That’s because the law explicitly excludes “nonminorities” from full protection of the Voting Rights Act, thus depriving a majority of U.S. citizens of full civil rights protection — a clear violation of constitutional guarantees of due process and equal treatment under the law.  In a sense, the bill codifies what has already been Justice Department policy: ignore voting violations if committed against nonminorities… 

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