Tom Perez – more concerned about leaks than perjury

Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez today went to the Voting Section to announce the internal talking points to soften the devastating Inspector General report that paints a picture of disfunction inside Department of Justice.  Part of the report details racial harassment of black employees who were willing to work on civil rights cases against black defendants, as well as DOJ employees who lied under oath in the Inspector General investigation about harassment of conservative lawyers by blogging on the internet about them.

Did Perez raise any of this in his 12:30 meeting in the Voting Section Conference room?  No, he had bigger fish to fry, like leaks.  He didn’t become animated or upset at the perjury detailed in the report, or the racial harassment of black interns.  Indeed, most of the guilty parties still get federal paychecks.

Instead, Perez was upset there were leaks in the Voting Section that portrayed his tenure in a negative light. 

Priorities.  Senate Labor Committee take note.