Virginia Democrats Lose Injunction Motion on Voter Roll Cleanup

Today USDC judge Hilton granted the motion of Judicial Watch, et al., for leave to file as amici in Virginia Democratic Party vs. Virginia State Board of Elections.  The hearing was also on the plaintiff’s motion for preliminary injunction. 

The court denied the motion and did not stop administration of list maintenance in Virginia based on the Virginia Cross State check program.  The court also granted leave to file this amici motion.

A curious thing happened in the hearing.  The Democrat Party introduced the declarations of Jeryle Jones and his wife Carla.  These two voters showed up on the cross state check as being registered in both Kentucky and Virginia.  The Democrats introduced the declarations to show that they now lived in Virginia yet were being stricken from the rolls.  Note that the declaration of Jeryle Jones says that he was transferred to Kentucky in October 2004, right before the Bush v. Kerry Presidential election. 

The State Board of Election introduced evidence to the Court that made this story especially curious.  It turns out the in the first week of  October, the Jones’ registered to vote in Virginia, and less than a week later, registered to vote in Kentucky.  The Democrats may have opened up a can of worms, especially for the Jones.  Folks don’t usually forget they registered to vote in one state when they register again a few days later in another state.

Why would the Jones’ have registered to vote in two states just days apart, and right before moving (when they might possibly have two residence addresses where mail is received).  Did the Jones’ vote twice for President, perhaps John Kerry, in 2004?  Was the double registration days apart merely an oversight.

The public records will reveal the answers.